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Some materials

Sometime when you are contemplating a custom auto upholstery project for your vehicle, you might plan to change or repair the headliner. The headliner is that part of fabric that's attached to a board on the inside roof. Moisture and heat can affect the foam binding the substance and this can lead to sagging or falling fabric. This is particularly common in autos that were manufactured in the 1970's but can happen to any auto. It canexpense upwards of $200 to get the headliner replaced (probably less, if you do it as part of a larger custom auto upholstery project) so it is something you might want to think doing yourself. it is not difficult but can be monotonous and may require two people.
 Do not try to do it on a day when the weather conditions is against you. You desire it to be warm but not extremely hot as that will make the glue too tacky. Remove all the screws you can see i.e. these holding the lights and visors to the headliner. Keep these in a secure place as you will need them when you're putting it back together. You then remove the headliner which as we've seen is simply a board covered in fabric. You'll have to remove the existing covering and scrape off as much of the old glue as possible. If you do not do these steps you'll affect the uniformity of the new finish. While choosing your fabric, it might be a good idea to tell the fabric shop assistant what you want to use it for.
Some materials just are not appropriate. You can change the color scheme but it would be sensible not to change the texture of the fabric too much. Don't go from thin to very thick as this would make putting all the parts back together that a lot more difficult! You also need to choose a covering that's suitable for use with glue adhesive. Do not skimp on the fabric. it is always greatest to have too much rather than too little. Spray the board with glue adhesive and put the covering over it. Keep it tight to avoid any crinkles or gaps. You will have to pay attention to the corners and make them very neat. You then have to let it dry totally before putting back into the car. If you would rather not chance doing it yourself and messing it up, but, any decent custom auto upholstery professional who's worth anything can do it fast and easily for you.

20/12/2018 09:55