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Choose bold colors

While shower curtains are a very inexpensive and practical way to make your very own design statement in your bathroom they also have a more practical and utilitarian purpose that often isn't the primary consideration for buying them, at least not for some. Shower curtains are excellent tools for keeping water and moisture inside your shower rather than on the floor or anything else that is within spraying distance of the showerhead. Shower curtains are quite easy to install all you really need are some creative fun shower rings and a nice adjustable tension rod upon which to attach them. While many people prefer shower enclosures, I prefer the versatility that shower curtains provide. The provide the option of making a very nice design statement or a very bold or fun statement, as a matter of fact, your shower curtains say a lot about not only your decorating style but your personality as well. If you are willing to have fun with your bathroom that is a wonderful way to make other flaws less noticeable than if you tried to go too elegant within your bathroom.
 Choose bold colors or a barnyard theme for your shower curtains and then accent it with towels that might enhance the mood or theme you have chosen with your shower curtains. Everything doesn't have to match perfectly, in fact, it's better if things don't match perfectly as this provides ample opportunity to mix and match as your finalize your bathroom and make more expensive renovations and alterations later on. Just remember that while bathrooms were once reserved for one purpose they are now rooms in which your family is likely to spend a great deal of time preparing for special events throughout your lives, it is up to you to make it a room in which you and other family members enjoy spending time.
A shower curtain is one of many little touches you can add that make the space seem brighter, more fun, more inviting, or even larger (if you use a light shower curtain in a dark room). There are many tips and tricks you can use with your shower curtain that will massively change the look of your entire bathroom. Not bad for a $20 or so effort when you think about it and a lot less work than painting or tiling the room would be. Another great thing about shower curtains is that because they aren't too wildly expensive you can afford to change them fairly regularly as the mood hits, children outgrow babyish themes, or you simply get tired of the current theme and colors.
You can't necessarily rearrange the 'furnishings' and fixtures in your bathroom when you want to change the look so it's generally up to things like shower curtains, window treatments, towels, and hardware to make a design impact on a dime in your bathroom. Whether you are going for an elegant retreat from the world with your bathroom or a room where your kids can splash and play during bath time, there are shower curtains that are perfect for your design style and your family's current bathroom needs. Enjoy the process of making your mark on your bathroom.

17/12/2018 09:21