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Pre-tension in the brake spring chooses the braking torque and the thruster is attached to the brain by a hinge pin. These applications generally don’t suit a clapper style brake as they tend to destroy it. Assembly of a thruster brake A thruster brake consists of cast iron shoes that are lined up with friction pads. . In hoists, a thruster brake uses the internal torque spring that provides an easy application of the brake.
Other places where thruster brakes are used include lift bridges, crane travel drives, conveyors and other similar applications.The first thing you know about a thruster brake is that it is a machine that is used to hold back the speed of moving mechanism and to stop it in the required position. There is a crank liver that is hinged on the main arm, whereas the other end is attached to the top clevis of the thruster with the help of a hinge pin. The shoes are then moved clearly off the drum through a lever arm linkage system. Operation Braking pressure is transferred to the shoe from the spring by the help of a simple and stiff lever / rod mechanism. There is also a brake spring connected to the main arm and a locknut pre-loads it on the lever. Brake shoes are released which is caused by energizing the three phase thruster that overcomes the spring force.
They are connected with each other by tie rod on the top which is locked in the swivel block in the side arm and pivoted to the main arm by a lock nut. The brake has an inherent cushioning effect that makes it perfect for jogging or cycling applications. The thruster releases the break drum and compresses the spring. There is a pre-stressed comprising spring that applies a braking force to the brake shoes. The entire operation is well balanced to provide equal shoe clearance. The thruster brakes used here usually have hydraulic pump and an AC square-cage motor. Each shoe has a pivot fitted in the base and are situated on the main arm side arm of the brake. A thruster brake is also used with AC or DC motors and applies a fixed torque to stop any machinery. Uses Nowadays, thruster brakes are widely used as a part of modernizing of trolley, hoist and a bridge.

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