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Coming up with a theme

Coming up with a theme for a sweet 16 party is easy. However; coming up with a theme that will work is a whole different story all together. If you are a parent trying to come up with theme then you would be well advised to consult your teen, because doing it on your own is a recipe for disaster. Tangible Applications are Unavoidable Themes are easy to come up with but applying them can be a little difficult. This means that you are going to have to have some tangible aspects of your theme worked into the party itself. This fact alone will play in heavily when deciding on your final theme choice.
Disco Theme With a disco theme, you can rent a disco sparkle ball from your local party rental store and hang it from the ceiling. Then buy some fake plastic big gold chains with flashy medallions on them to hand out. Finally, disco music adds the finishing touch. You can have a disco dance contest and also remember to have some hair spray ready, so everyone can fluff up their hair for that classic 80s look. Toga Theme A toga party is also easy. Head down to your local second hand store and buy a bunch of sheets. Hand them pout to your guests as they arrive and they can simply throw them on over their clothes.
You will need pieces of cloth to tie them closed as well. Buy some big clear plastic wine glasses and serve soda pop in them. Check Out a Party Supply Shop Another great idea is to contact a local party supply shop and ask them about party themes. More often than not they will have a good selection of theme ideas for you to select from. What makes it so nice is that they will have all the decorations and favors available for you to rent and buy to pull off each party theme idea that they have to offer.

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