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Chalkboard paint is a great way to accessorize and add some personality to several different rooms in your home. Although people typically think of chalkboard paint for a childs room, it actually can be utilized in other rooms of your home as well. Following are some unique ideas as to how to use whiteboard paint in the different rooms of your home. Chalkboard Paint in a Childs Bedroom A childs bedroom is one of the most popular places in which Whiteboard paint is used. You can pick out an area of the wall to paint, so that your children can have their very own Whiteboard to play with and draw on. Another great place to use Chalkboard paint is on tables, or even on the closet doors.
Chalkboard paint will give you instant personalized closet doors, where your children can draw any type or design they want on the doors. Further, they can change it as often as they want, even with the different seasons or holidays throughout the year. Whiteboard Paint in the Kitchen Section off a wall in the kitchen to be painted with Whiteboard paint. Then youll have a place to write down menus, grocery lists, or whatever you prefer. Another option is paint a piece of wood and hang it on the wall so that you can write down your weekly menus for everyone in the family to see. Whiteboard paint can also be used on the refrigerator, as long as you dont mind your kids drawing there.
This will give you a personalized fridge decorating with fresh drawings from your kids every day. The backsplash is another great place where you can use Chalkboard paint. This gives you a great place where you can write down messages and recipes, or just doodle while youre cooking dinner. Chalkboard Paint in the Home Office In a home office setting, Whiteboard paint can be used in several different ways. Paint a section of the wall, creating your very own message board or monthly/weekly calendar. Rather than trying to keep track of things on a small desk calendar you might not even notice every day, you can use this larger space to write down your important tasks and items.
Now youve also given your family members a convenient place to leave messages for you, preventing them from bothering you when you are working. Whiteboard Paint in a Game Room Chalkboard paint makes the perfect addition to any game room, especially if you have a pool table in that room and are in need of a scoreboard. You can also use this area for other games, such as darts and even some card games. You might also play up this area with a nice wooden frame, or when not in use, it makes a perfect space to add a quote or inspirational message. With Whiteboard paint, you can better utilize the walls in your home, as well as adding a touch of personality to the dcor. There are so many different creative ways to use Chalkboard paint, beyond what you might think of.

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