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The living room is a special place where the homeowner entertains guests, watch TV, or just lie down after a long day from work. Due to this, it is significant that the atmosphere is relaxing, welcoming, and cozy. That is why, aside from the furniture, another thing that must be considered is the rooms flooring. It is defined as the installation of floor covering such as carpet or area rugs. Materials commonly used as floorings are wood, laminate, bamboo, and vinyl. Wood flooring comes from natural, recyclable, and environment friendly resources. Among the different styles of such are parquet, strip, and plank. Parquet are pieces of wood assembled together to cover the entire living room floor. While strip or hardwood gives the impression of a larger space, plank also emphasize a broader width but with linear designs. The two types of commonly used wood floors are solid and engineered. Solid wood comes in a one firm hardwood and is fitting for home sections while the engineered wood is composed of wood sheets piled together.
 Another eco friendly is bamboo flooring. There are different forms of this kind and designs are mainly based on viability and preferences. The only difference over wood flooring is that it gives a natural greenish shade when untreated by brown varnish. Besides, bamboo is a more common resource than wood. Meanwhile, another choice is laminate flooring which is better when choosing for a cost efficient way to great looking and totally strong floor. It is not entirely water proof but it does not stain though or get dented at the ends. It uses plywood with a plastic top layer and is available in numerous patterns. Furthermore, included in the list is vinyl flooring. It is similar to linoleum but it can be with different hues and styles. Also, it is easy to install and durable too. Sometimes, other households opt to have additional covering such as area rugs. They are put unto the top of original floorings. In addition, similar covering that can be used is the carpet.
It is a woven and textile based material laid unto the floor. Usually, it is attached end to end to the floor so that it wont move from places to places. Given the number of floorings available in the market, the decision relies upon the homeowner. He/she may set criteria in choosing which will be used in his/her living room. The criteria may be affected by factors such as costs, extent of installation process, and design. There should be a match between budget and the price of the flooring package that will be chosen. The floor elevation or spaces between the living room and other parts of the house are one of the things that must be considered. However, the need for the right kind also depends to the people who will live in the house. For instance, a household with a handicapped member may choose wood flooring over carpet because the wheelchair is hard to maneuver in surfaces with textiles. Therefore, no matter how good one flooring over the other, it must always serve the requirements of the homeowner.

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