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If you have a bathroom

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that deal with making your living and working space harmonious simply by arranging your rooms the correct way. Even though it sounds extremely easy, Feng Shui can actually be fairly difficult to achieve properly. There are thousands of different ways that you can arrange things, and each way gives a different energy to your home. You can use Feng Shui in your office to promote wealth and the ability to work well, or in your kitchen to promote creativity. You can also Feng Shui your bedroom to promote attracting, and keeping, the love of your life. If you are looking to feng shui your bedroom for romance, here are a few things that you should do. 1) Starting from Scratch In Feng Shui, the belief is that the energy that is around the person contributes to their life. If you are looking for a new love, you need to clear out space for one, both figuratively and literally. If you look in your bedroom you will probably see a lot of your things.
These things need to go. Your closet, dresser, and table tops should all be clean and neatly organized. Clear out room for your partner by emptying a dresser drawer and by making obvious room in your closet. This will give the energy that you are ready for another person in your life. You can also bring this energy to the rest of the house by making room on your DVD shelves or book shelves. Your bed is very important, not just in Feng Shui, but in the rest of your life, as it gives you a place to rest and should have an air of peace around it. Make sure that your bed is accessible from both sides, because if you do not have room for another person to get into bed with you, there will be no reason for another person to enter your life. Never put the foot of your bed facing towards the door, and always make sure that there quality fabrics and pillows on your bed.
 If you have a bathroom attached to your bedroom, make sure that you close the door to the bathroom at all times. Water can be soothing in feng shui, but it is not good to have a bathroom openly connected to a bedroom. Always keep the door shut. Color is also very important in a bedroom. White promotes peace, but if you are looking for romance in your bedroom you may want to steer clear of that. Try splashing some pink or even a light red on the walls. If you live in an apartment and can not paint the walls, put some pink or red fabric on the walls. It will not only add color to your room, it will help you to send out the energy to attract your mate. 2) Pairs What is a couple but a pair? If you are looking for your pair, make sure you have pairs in your bedroom.
 For instance, if you have a night stand, make sure you have two. If you have a candle, make sure you have two. If you have a painting on the wall, make sure two people are in it. It is also very important to make sure that you have pairs of pillows on your bed when you are looking to find, and keep, a mate. A friend of mine, Louise, was having a lot of difficulties finding the perfect man for her. She had plenty of dates, but none of them ever stuck around. When I went to her home I noticed that her bedroom was set for one. There was no room for anyone else clothing, there was a television in her bedroom, which is horrible in the world of feng shui, and there were almost no pairs at all in her bedroom.
She changed a few things around, making sure as well to keep the door to her master bathroom closed at all times, and was shocked to find that the next gentleman she dated stayed around and filled up the space she had cleared up in her bedroom. Hopefully you have learned a few tips about how to Feng Shui your bedroom in order to attract romance. There are literally hundreds of little steps that you can take to make your bedroom flow correctly, but these big steps will help to get you started in the right direction.

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