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If you have lots of files

Numbers of people these days have two computers in their homes; one is usually kept in the children's room and another in their personal room. So its important for you to know about home networking and its benefits that you can have from both systems in your home. But for this you should know certain things like how to set up home networking, what all you will need for it etc. In order to make home network set-up easy and useful, you need to install a network friendly OS (operating system) like Windows ME or XP. But this again is not very important; it all depends upon your requirement.
Further you will need many more items to make home networking successful. They are: Two Network cards - If your computer is quite new, ask the shopkeeper for two PCI network cards of 10/100mbps specification. RJ-45 crossover cable - This is the cable needed to join the machines together so ensure that the length is long enough. Basic knowledge of using a Windows PC. We will discuss advantages of Home Networking now. Here are some of the benefits that you will get through home networking: You can play various games across the network say with your kid in another room. Also, you will be able to share the pieces of hardware. For instance, if you have single printer but two computers, you could use the same printer for both computers.
If you have lots of files in any one computer and want both the systems to have access over it, it will be possible using a home network. Steps for Home Networking 1. The first step is to take the cover/lid out of both the computers and then fit the Network cards into a free PCI slot. Screw them down into the case and close the lid. 2. After restarting the computer, Windows should reappear mentioning about the finding of a new hardware and will ask for a driver disk. Then you need to insert the CD into the drive and wait for the drivers to get installed. Do the same with second computer and thus computers are enabled to communicate after this step. 3. Now, click on Start, then Settings, Control Panel and Network Connections and finally click at Set up a home network. Then you will be asked several questions and the system will ask you to insert a floppy disk into the computer, repeat the same with second computer. Your home network base is installed so start doing what you want. If you face major problems take help of professionals and for minor difficulties just click on Help option for assistance.

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