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Budget Backpacker

Most kids love it when they see animals that they only see on Discovery Channel or... YouTube. As a parent, you will help them widen their horizons when you expose them to beautiful creatures like those that nature has preserved throughout the ages. A trip would also be enriching for your kids if they would be able to take time to explore other cultures and societies. If they had not been exposed to ethnic cultures in your area, then now is a great time to take them on a learning trip that would expand their cultural horizons, as well as boost their social skills.
New Zealand is home not only to exotic frogs, birds and other prehistoric fauna, it is also home to the Māori people and culture, who were New Zealands native inhabitants before the arrival of the English settlers in the Oceania region. Let your children experience the vibrant, exotic life of New Zealand! Bring them there for a vacation, and you will not only let your children enjoy while learning, you too will enjoy the sights and sounds of New Zealand while learning with your kids, too. Though bringing a family to New Zealand may prove to be expensive, there is a way to cut costs on hostel accommodations. Budget Backpacker Hostels Club Cards are discount cards that a New Zealand tourist can buy, to avail of hostel rates at a lesser price point. The BBH Club Cards retail at only $45 per card, but it already comes with a phone card, with which you can call, at a $20 value.
 The BBH Club Cards slash off three dollars per daily/nightly rate of a BBH member hostel room. From around $40 per night, you could enjoy at least $3 in room rate discounts, per person, per night of stay in your BBH hostel room. Your family could truly benefit from an educational experience in New Zealand. You could also be able to take a rest from the daily grind, and build your familial bonds through your vacation. Add to the enjoyment by stretching your budget! Get a BBH Club Card for everyone in the family now!


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