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You should give careful thought before deciding to either adopt or purchase a St. Bernard pup. They make a wonderful family pet, are loving, loyal and get along well others and make excellent companions. They like other people and are highly tolerant of other pets, but while the pup is tiny, it will eventually grow up and become a large stature dog. This can create problems in a home for people who are unprepared for a dog of this size. A St. Bernard is a gigantic dog breed, one of the largest breeds in the world. This fact should be taken into consideration by prospective owners, because having a large dog can prove problematic. A St. Bernard will grow up to be a dog that once in adulthood stands between 27 35 inches tall and will weigh between 150 200 pounds. A dog that is larger and weighs more than most people can become a menace for an unknowing owner. You should assess whether or not your living quarters are large enough to accommodate such a large dog. Do you have enough room and floor space for a St. Bernard to stretch out without being underfoot? Do you have enough room for the large dog crate that will need to be used for housebreaking purposes? Is there enough room for the dog to eat and where will the dog sleep?
 If he is going to sleep in your bedroom, if he lays in the middle of the floor will you likely trip over his body in the dark and get hurt? If you have enough room to bring a St. Bernard into your home that is great. Now take a look around outside. Do you have a large, fenced in backyard? A St. Bernard does not need a large amount of exercise, but does need access to an area where he can be active and play with the family.
Bear in mind, a fence needs to be quite high because a St. Bernard can and most likely will jump a short fence. Also the fence needs to be somewhat low into the ground, in case the dog begins to dig. If you live in an apartment that is adequate in size for a St. Bernard, this is also acceptable. However you need to make sure the dog gets a chance for exercise every day, as it helps the dog stay healthy. Keep in mind, a sizable dog breed like a St. Bernard also requires a large amount of food, which can be costly. St. Bernard puppies should not eat high protein puppy chow; they require a diet with a ratio of 22 26 protein, and a 12 15 fat ratio. This will help prevent the dog from growing to quickly and causing bone issues. This type of food may be hard to find and rather expensive, this is why it is wise to assess your finances prior to adopting or purchasing a St. Bernard pup. Many St. Bernard owners like to give their dogs suppliments to insure healthy bone growth. Bone suppliments as well as a low protien diet can prevent hip dysplasia.

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