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Many of the deaths

Vaccines are the only effective means you will have to protect yourself, your family and your co workers from potential death from the H1N1 Swine Flu virus. When both the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) put out a World wide alert that this disease is serious and will infect hundreds of millions and potentially kill a million or more common sense should tell us that we should probably pay attention. A recent news report indicated that of 700 pregnant women in the USA who contracted the swine flu from April 1 July 31, of this year 100 were placed in intensive care and 27 of those died. This H1N1 virus has the potential to cause a million or more deaths and certainly will cause 100 s of millions of illnesses, many very severe. If you have ever had a bad case of the flu, you know that it made you feel like you were going to die.
There is only one good reason to avoid taking this vaccine that is if you have a severe life threatening allergy to chicken eggs otherwise, if you value your life and the lives of others around you, you should take the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine. The highest risks groups for serious infections are: 1) Pregnant women this group has a very high risk of complications for the mother and the fetus. The risks for having H1N1 are far greater for you and your baby than any risk from taking the vaccine. Ask your doctor about it. 2) Caregivers for children if you work at a daycare center, are a babysitter or otherwise care for children, especially if any of the children are younger than 6 months of age, you are in a high risk group.
Vaccinations will likely become mandatory by your employer. 3) Heath care workers this group can easily be repeatedly exposed and can readily spread the swine flu to others. Health care workers will probably be required by their employers and possibly by law to receive this vaccine in order to continue working at their current job. 4) Age group 6 months old through 24 years old this large group is likely to be repeatedly exposed in schools or daycare settings and this group has so far experienced the highest rate of serious infections and deaths. 5) Anyone in the age group 25 64 who has any health condition that is known to be associated with a high risk for complications from the flu, for example, this group includes anyone with asthma or other respiratory or immune system weaknesses consult you doctor if you are unsure. Persons over 65 are not in the high risk category but should strongly consider the H1N1 vaccine, as well as a pneumonia vaccination.
Many of the deaths from H1N1 were caused by pneumonia. Is the H1N1 vaccine safe? Yes, it is safe it is much safer than allowing yourself to be vulnerable to H1N1. The vaccine is expected to have the same safety profile as the seasonal flu vaccine since it is made in the same manner and under the same controlled conditions by the same manufacturers that have been making the seasonal flu vaccines for decades. Also, so far, millions have already taken the H1N1 vaccine worldwide and no new safety risks have been recorded. The most common side effects are mild redness, soreness or swelling at the injection site and in some cases a low fever, aches or mild nausea that lasts 1 to 2 days. How is the vaccine administered? The H1N1 vaccine is administered in 2 ways a nasal spray called LAIN or an injection. The nasal spray is not available for pregnant women.
 If you are under age 25, are pregnant, work in a health care or caretaker capacity or have any underlying medical conditions, you should definitely take this swine flu (H1N1) vaccination as soon as it becomes available in your area. I am personally in none of these categories, but, I will definitely be taking this vaccination as soon as it is available to me. I have been following the development of this disease closely for over a year now and am more concerned about its potential danger than ever. I have talked to several people who have had it and they tell me it is not something to take lightly. There have been 16 deaths in my area already and one was a 19 year old girl in excellent health. Even though some cases are reportedly not any worse than the seasonal flu, the reports of many deaths in otherwise health individuals and the possibility that the virus strain may mutate to an even more serious strain suggests that a wise person will get the H1N1 vaccination ASAP. Get vaccinated, or at least ask your doctor what he thinks you should do, if not for your own health then for the health of those exposed to you.

25/10/2018 09:36