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I rewarded them with

Adding some fun and activities makes for happier employees. Happier employees are more motivated and productive. If you can make the workplace fun, positive, and uplifting, that positive energy will spill over into employee motivation and job satisfaction will increase! 1. Allow for Flexible Schedules Especially During the Summer Months - if you can arrange schedules so employees work some 9 hour days instead of the usual 8 hr day - so they have have every other Friday off and therefore a 3 day weekend in the summer, do it. If you can arrange it that way for the whole year, that is even better! 2.
 Remember Employees with cards and gifts - give the opportunity for employees to chip in money for cards and gifts for weddings, births of children, etc. 3. Organize Lunches away from Work Once a Month at local restaurants- for anyone who wants to participate. Sometimes it is uplifting just to get away from work. Employees can relax, be themselves, and enjoy socializing. When they return to work, they are uplifted and can work better. 4. Have Employee of the Month Awards - for work well done. Post their picture in the Hall of Fame area with a short description of their accomplishments for the Employee of the Month Award! 5. Bring in Donuts, Bagels, Muffins, Brownies, Cake, or Cookies on Wednesdays 6. Celebrate Team and Group Successes with Lunch on You - bring in pizza and salad for a team or group to celebrate their success on a project. Example, we had a special emphasis program on lead sampling. We had a huge onslaught of lead samples in a short time. The employees organized to handle the workload in a very timely fashion.
I rewarded them with a Get the Lead Out Pizza Lunch. These Celebratory Lunches were a huge success with employees. 7. Bring in balloons occasionally - each has a saying on it such as You Make a Difference! Or Great Job! Thanks! and place one in each employees office who has made a special effort or done a great job. 8. Provide Places for Activities and Sports - dedicate part of the lunch room or a break room for those who would like to play cards or games at lunch. Have "charades" game at lunch for those who want to participate. Have room outside for a volleyball court or an extra room where a ping pong table (table tennis) could be set up for those who want to play at lunch, before work or after work?

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