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Are you interesting in doing

Are you interesting in doing hair in a French twist for yourself or perhaps your daughter? There are a lot of definite advantages if you learn how to do hair in a French twist. It is a truly lovely and elegant style. The French twist is not only beautiful, it's versatile: You can wear it with your casual jeans, or you can wear it to a dinner party or the prom. It is also easy maintenance because once it is up you can wear it for the whole day without needing to re-do your hair over and over again. First, you will gather your hair in to a simple pony tail. Look in the mirror and be sure you like the way your hair frames your face.
 A few wisps her and there can actually be a nice touch. Next, hold your pony tail up in the air and begin to twist it. It doesn't matter which way, but two or three revolutions should have your head beginning to feel the pressure of the twist. Next, you will fold the twisted pony tail in half, and secure the bottom part of the twist in with the pony tail holder. The middle of the twist will now be at the bottom of your head. Next, take your halved pony tail and twist it a few more times. When it comes to learning how to do hair in a French twist, you'll find that this is the hardest part. You'll get the hang of it after you practice a few times.
 Now twist it, and finally pin it to your head using your hand. It's time to secure the twist to your head by using several bobby pins. If you push the pins in just where the twist meets the hair on your head, you'll be able to hide the pins more effectively. If you're doing this by yourself, you can use a hand held mirror in front of you and the bathroom mirror behind you to check on the way it looks. If you like what you see and feel confident you've learned how to do hair in a French twist, spray it down with a bottle of hairspray and voila! You're ready to go.

18/10/2018 10:28