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A fireplace can add a lot of charm to any room, but it is also a functional part of your house. Unfortunately, like everything else, a fireplace can get to become outdated in its appearance and it may need a little facelift to get it looking up to date. Tip #1 Add Some Paint While many people never even consider painting a fireplace, it can be a great way to update its look. You can blend the look of your fireplace in with your current dcor, and it is easy to do. While brick and stone fireplaces are charming and traditional, they also get to be a little dingy looking over time. So if you have a more contemporary room and you want to make your fireplace fit in, you may want to consider simply adding a coat of paint to it. Tip #2 Replace the Mantel Another thing that can date the look of a fireplace is the mantel. Making a new mantel for your fireplace is no more difficult than making a floating shelf. As a matter of fact it basically is a floating self. So if your old mantel is faded, outdated or sagging, you can simply fashion a new mantel to update the look of the space.
Tip #3 Add Some Tile Another great way to completely change the look of your fireplace is to add tile to the firebox surround. You can cover dingy brick with fresh, new tiles and really turn it into a focal point for your room. Tip #4 Natural Stone There are a number of products that are designed to be used to change the look of a fireplace. You can find rustic finishes like stone and slate that can completely change the look of your current fireplace. Or you can find products that can give your fireplace an updated look, and they are available in a rainbow of colors. Tip #5 Build a Surround If you have a simple fireplace in your home, you can completely update its look with a fireplace surround. You can find them at a home improvement store, and if you have some carpentry skills, you can even build your own.
There are many styles from which to choose when you are updating the look of your fireplace. Tip #6 Upgrade to Gas While you may love the romance of a crackling, wood fire, in reality they are pretty labor intensive. Even after the wood is split, stacked and hauled to the house, you have to get the fire started, and then you have to keep an eagle eye on it to keep it going properly. For all or these reasons, you may decide that you would prefer to install a gas fireplace in your home. They are clean, convenient, easy to maintain and require no wood. Converting to a gas fireplace may be one of the smartest things that you can do with your fireplace. Tip #7 Change the Decor If you do not want to do a major update to your fireplace, you may simply change the look of the decor around the fireplace to freshen up the look of your room. By adding flowers, candles, a photo collection and a mirror, you can update the entire look of your fireplace. By adding interest around the fireplace, you can soften the impact of the fireplace itself.

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