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This not only allows for great portability

In most kitchens you will find a pantry as a fixture, built into the cabinet, wall, or a walk in style. However, using a freestanding pantry in your home can open up lots of storage space. If you are looking to redesign and renovate, choosing the right type of freestanding pantry can offer an interesting look of freedom in your home’s interior. The advantage of a freestanding pantry is that it is not a fixed object. It can be moved from room to room or old residence to new home with ease.
 This not only allows for great portability and easy transportation, but you can also convert your free standing pantry to other shelving or miscellaneous storage space in other rooms. Storing collectibles, books or jewelry in a freestanding pantry is a great way to put it to use when china isn’t being stored inside. There are also several types of freestanding units that can provide you with versatility. Some freestanding pantries come as kits, and include shelving or pull out structures that open up to provide more storage. Others may include a glass door or cover, which may sound great, but may not always match the look of your room. A few other freestanding units include rotational capability and more luxurious models include cooling units so you can store food.
Be sure to shop around for the freestanding pantry model that suits your needs and can provide versatile use. The freestanding pantry also opens up the atmosphere in your home visually. Doing away with most of wall cabinets in your home opens up design possibilities. Lights and wall-mounted shelves can now come into play when redecorating, and the open wall space now leaves room for decorative art, paintings and other highlights of the home. Consulting with an interior designer can provide you with great ideas and blueprints for incorporating your freestanding pantry in your home. When purchasing a freestanding pantry it is also important to consider the drawbacks of your new furniture.
 A freestanding pantry unit does offer great mobility and freedom, but also has its limitations. When using this pantry style be sure to keep in mind that it will not be adequate storage space if it is the only storage space for your kitchen needs. A freestanding pantry is designed to be an addition or replacement for existing kitchen cabinets, but not necessarily a complete substitute. Before deciding on a freestanding pantry, be sure to assess all your organizational requirements and take into account your lifestyle. Also conduct online research and talk with friends to find out more ways of using a freestanding pantry in your home.

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