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If you are an old player like me, you probably played famous old school point and click games such as Larry series, Monkey Island series, Kings Quest series, Indiana Jones, Full Throttle and so. Since online gaming like flash games or java games is a hot trend right now, many new genre of games have been developed for viral marketing. There are many free online games based on those old school adventure games and of course new genres based on them introduced to us such as escape games (aka room escape games) or hidden object games (aka h.o.g). With the advent of Adobe Flash programs, online flash gaming has reached a feverish pitch of adventure experience. They can be run on every operating systems such as Windows, Linux or MacOS. One of the most common genres of adventure games are point & click games and room escape games. Point and Click Adventure Games Point & Click Games listed under sub genre of adventure games. These games offer a great experience for gamers and ages. They are very easy to play and your objective is usually interact with objects, characters and try to finish the story.
The story can have only one ending or more than one. It is just like old school adventure games but in flash. Some of the interesting and good ones are: Monster in the basement, Anika and so. This is sort of an interactive game and game screen is clickable. Clicking to each clickable area will make an action such as closing or opening doors, show a dialogue and interact with characters. Since online gaming is a hot trend, these games are also getting longer and better. Their graphics and audio is also developed better and better every day. Room Escape Games Escape games are a sub genre of adventure games like point & click games. They can also listed under point & click games since the play style of escape games are totally same as point and click games.
The only difference between them is the theme. You do not have much time and you have to escape from the area(it can be a room, a ship, a car etc) by gathering objects together or interacting with other characters. You need to solve clues or puzzles given by the flash developer to escape from the area. Some of interesting and good room escape games are Tortuga series, Submachine series and The Great escape series. These games are usually short timed games and can be competed in 10 to 15 minutes. Because of this, they are excellent time wasters and help you to improve your mind at your workplace, even in a coffee break. They also can help your children to improve their imagination and mind. You do not need a fast computer to run those games since you can change the in game quality easily and they do not leave any traces since you do not need to download anything to play them. You just need a computer, a browser with flash plugin enabled, an internet connection and time :) Have a nice clicking and escaping!

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