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However, with the progress of time, this concept has replaced to a more positive attitude towards the curtain rods as people find out the decorative value of curtain rods. Also, the fact is that if you are the one who looks forward to decorate your window treatment impeccably, you cannot just ignore the decorative value of curtain rods. They help you enhancing the overall look of your drapery and the room in general. Let us see how we can choose the best drapery rods from a vast array of available options. As the demand for decorative curtain rods increases, the manufacturers are coming up with new, fresh, and innovative curtain rods which actually help the consumers to own the perfect piece of rods that go well with the rest of the room design. Weight of the drapery The first thing you should consider before selecting a curtain rod would be the weight of the drapes.
This is certainly a practical idea with which you can decide on the right curtain rod which would give the absolute support to the drape you are going to use. Every room needs different sort of drapery. When your living room and bedrooms have heavy and fancy draperies, you opt for lighter ones for your study and kitchens. As there is variation in the weight of draperies, you have to pick up the rods that are going to be perfect support for the drapes. Select the apt style Before you rush to buy curtain rods, you need to look around your interior design. Is it favoring the modern architecture or is it designed with a traditional touch? Whatever it might be, you cannot bring a modern styled curtain rod for a traditional interior design and vice versa. One doesnt need to have a lot of wisdom to understand this simple thing.
You have a variety of options when it comes to style. There are decorative curtain rods, concealed rods, traverse rods, customized rods, and many other styles that you can choose from. Care about the material As you are well aware, there is a variety of materials used for making curtain rods. What would you like to have for your home? There is wood, glass, wrought iron, ceramic, silver, aluminum and the rest. You simply need to select the one that would be a perfect match for the design of your home. All these materials ensure you enough sturdiness. What you need to care about is the appropriateness of the material and the ability of the material to give the ultimate style. Other small things to consider Dont worry about the shades and colorsyou have a variety of shades to choose from. Also you have accessories to enhance the rods that are called finials and rod pockets. Choose the matching accessories for the rods which are going to add the beauty of the window treatment.

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