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Some know they are spending

You were driving that old cluncker for a lot of years when it finally gave up on you. The question you might now ask yourself is: "Should I buy a used car again or buy a new car?" You can't decide what to do. Many times over you have heard both sides of the story. Some people will say it's best to keep your old one and have it repaired, some will say it is so much better to get a new car and save on repairs. But when you buy a new car, what is involved? What's involved in the process? Although it might appear easy to go buy a new car, most people do not know what they are doing and they end up spending way too much for a small car. There are some nice trucks and cars out there, but rarely are any of them worth the asking price. Even when you add in special features and the like, there is still room for negotiation but most people won't bargain.
Some know they are spending too much, but they don't think they are able to bargain, or they are afraid they might loose the car if they do. That will not happen, but of course there are limits. Anyone who went to buy a new vehicle is aware that the dealer gives the impression to be greatly interested in selling you a car without asking a lot of questions, and also, without having a chance to change your mind. This is common practice and is called high pressure sales techniques, and a smart individual will leave the place if this is what they get when they first go in to look at any car. There are always other places to buy a new car or a new truck and there are salespeople who will let the car sell itself. Most person also believe that they truly don't need to have someone with them when they look for a new truck or a new car. Although most times there won't be anything wrong, it doesn't hurts to have a mechanic with you if you are going to buy a new car or any kind of motor vehicle for that matter.
Not all people can do that, or know a mechanic, so take a test drive to the nearest mechanic and see if they will check it over for you. It should not take too much of your time, and shouldn't cost much. In most cases the new car will be in very good condition, but some dealers try to sell a slightly used car as new, and though that is exceptional, a experienced mechanic can see it. Can you take the chance? When it is time to buy a new car always use negotiation, and take someone with you who is good at negotiating if you don't know how or you think you won't be good at it. You surely have a friend who have been through this challenge and know how to deal with it.
This is something that should not be skipped. The prices are boosted, and there is room to move. You can get a better deal when you buy a new car, and the dealer will still make a profit. It's anticipated and it is silly not to do it. A little advice to women out there if I may so, and I'm not trying to be macho man here, but if you are into the xafs of buying a new car I would like to advise you to take a male friend with you. I know I can hear the real feminist woman from across the room... (put her on pause). The cars and trucks are a men's world for many and bringing alone a male friend with you just might keep the dealer in check and not try to dupe you. Just a thought. Having bought myself a few brand new vehicles for many years, this little advice can go a long way and save you some money. Now if you want, go buy a new automobile and keep smiling!



Current models in the xafs

Just like any consumer product in the xafs, each merchandise belongs to a particular brand and has its own size, configuration, and function. This is no different in the world of non-lethal self-defense hardware. I will only mention 3 categories of such weaponry plus the folding pocket knife since this specific tool can be applied in non-lethal ways. The Kubotan, or mini-baton, comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and perceived functions. The most prominent among these is the Kubotan keychain which measures about 5.5 inches in length and 0.75 inch in diameter. It has a keyring at one end and a tip at the other. It is composed of metal and is available in about 4 colors: black, blue, silver, and pink. What is practical about this tool is that it is readily available in your pocket; "don't leave home without it" without your set of keys. Additionally, it is legal to carry in most, if not all, states.
The best keychain Kubotan to carry is the one that is painted black so it would appear almost invisible in your hand. Moreover, pick the one that has a pointed tip instead of a flat tip. The Kubotan is considered an impact weapon. Therefore, striking bone or tissue with a pointed tip generates more pressure with a given amount of force applied as compared to hitting with a flat tip. Other Kubotans are disguised as writing instruments such as the "Sharkie" from Cold Steel. It writes just like a Sharpie but it is a longer and denser version made of high-impact polycarbonate.
There are no metal parts in the Sharkie; so, there should be no hassle passing through a metal detector even if you carry it inside your front shirt pocket. Pepper sprays, or the more accurate term, "defensive sprays," are readily available in all shapes, sizes, compositions, and types of release. They range in sizes from pocket, personal, to police models, from 3 to 5 inches in length, since we are limiting our parameters to personal carry. Of course, the smaller they are, the easier they are to conceal; although, the police model which has a length of 5 inches should not be hard to hide either. The best type of spray to consider is what most law enforcement personnel carry, the one with a flip-top cap. This design minimizes accidental discharges and is one of the easiest to operate. The bigger the content, the longer the spray time; consider this when you happen to spray at varying effective distances. It is crucial for you to spray directly into the eyes, nostrils, and mouth of the attacker where the mucus membranes are located, never just in the "facial area."
Generally, sprays squirt their material in spray or stream form. Pick the one that excretes a stream of liquid since this is less likely to disperse quicker in an enclosed space, thereby affecting you also, and less likely to bounce back in a headwind. Newer versions of pepper sprays emit foam or gel, hence the terms, pepper foam and pepper gel. Foam has the advantage of creeping between the eyeglasses and eyes of a perpetrator. Gel, on the other hand, has a tendency to stick more on the skin; so, the "perp" would have a harder time "shaking off" the gel on his or her face. Defensive sprays are composed of a pepper solution, OC, with varying concentrations or a mixture of OC, tear gas, and UV (ultraviolet) dye. OC is a natural irritant that irritates and swells the mucus membranes while tear gas affects the respiratory system. The reaction to OC is faster than tear gas; that is why pepper sprays gained in popularity.
Some people are almost immune to the effects of OC due to their high tolerance to peppers. So, pick the spray that has both OC and tear gas. Stun guns too come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and voltage potentials. As tiny as a pen or as massive as a magnum sized device; in the form of a pen, pager, cell phone, flashlight, baton, and expandable baton; ranging from 10,000 volts to almost 1 million volts. Carrying the stun gun concealed is the best method to surprise an attacker since it has to make contact for it to be effective. Concealment means size consideration; so, a pager size stun gun that emits close to a million volts would be most effective. Remember that the bigger the voltage, the more spectacular and louder the spark. This is advantageous as a deterrent against aggressive dogs. Their hearing is more sensitive to a broader band of sound frequencies; therefore, they are more in tune and fearful of the crackling sound of a discharging stun gun. From personal experience, I was jogging along a rice field at 4 A.M. in 1999 in an Asian country when several dogs from farm houses began chasing me, barking loudly. Fortunately, I was carrying my Air Taser in a fanny pack. I took the cartridge off to act as a stun gun when I discharged it. Emitting 50,000 volts of crackling arc bouncing to and from the 2 electrodes, I was surprised to see the dogs being spooked all of a sudden, unable to further chase me.
Even though a stun gun can discharge as much as 1 million volts, the wattage is not large enough to kill since it only has a few milliamperes of current, much like static electricity. A stun device can, however, numb muscle groups after being zapped from at least 3 to 5 seconds. Therefore, have your stun gun make contact with the "perp's" major muscle groups such as the neck, shoulder, back, groin, and thigh areas. Tasers, on the other hand, are a different breed of beasts than stun guns. The civilian versions have disposable cartridges that fire 2 probes up to 15 feet. However, the ideal distance between victim and perpetrator should be between 5 to 7 feet apart when discharged. Thus, the shooter is able to subdue the attacker remotely, a certain advantage especially when the bad guy is armed with a knife and/or a gun. Additionally, Tasers emit "T-waves" that overwhelms the human body's nervous system, rendering the whole body incapable of voluntary movement which lasts several minutes.
Current models in the xafs are the C2 and M18. The former resembles a slim TV remote control while the latter looks like an oversized Glock 17 semiautomatic pistol. In my opinion, most successful deployments of Tasers are when they are initially concealed from attackers, when they are surprised and unable to defend themselves. Undoubtedly, the obvious choice for carry is the C2 for its diminutive size. Surprisingly, a folding pocket knife can be considered a non-lethal weapon as long as it can applied with skill in the hands of a martial artist trained in Escrima, Arnis, Kali, and Penkjat Silat. Limbs can be rendered totally useless by cutting, slashing, and puncturing into nerves, tendons, and muscles. Of course, arteries and internal organs must be avoided.
A less bloody and messy way of controlling a "perp" would be to keep the knife folded and use it as an impact weapon, similar to a Kubotan. I carry a Cold Steel Voyager Tanto folding blade with a 5-inch plain edge off duty. Cold Steel is known for manufacturing knives that are sharp, durable, and reasonably priced. Also, I find the Voyager series folding knives lighter and more balanced between the handles and blades compared with another model folders called Recon 1 which have far heavier handles. One drawback, however, with Cold Steel's serrated edge is that it tends to snag, unlike Cutco kitchen knives that have functional serrations. If you are going to purchase a folding knife for your own, I recommend choosing one with a Tanto designed tip, similar to the tip of a Samurai or Ninja sword, since they are the most durable. More so, test the edge whether it is plain or serrated, to determine how effectively the knife cuts. The more skilled you are in mastering your weapons, the more you control their lethality. Never forget though that the most lethal weapon of all is your mind!



This is the place

Making a new home, or renovating existing home is a complex task that needs proper planning along with design and arch vision. Some portions of home like drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and terrace need special attention along with customization according to individual choices. People use several decoration techniques to make these places look more attractive and appealing. The basic way that creates the best effects in terms of appeal and design is using marbles in flooring and tiling of these places. Drawing Room This place is the most important section of any home. Because this place is meant for visitors as well as visiting relatives.
This is the place where all family members gather and spend quality time with each others. You can give your drawing room a lavish look by using excellent textured marbles for flooring along with a wonderful marble fireplace mantel. A fireplace mantel is one of the most important components of your home. You will not change it frequently so, choosing a good mantel is a lifetime investment. A perfect fireplace gives royal look to your drawing doom. Bathrooms This is the place of interest for everyone. People always give special stress to the design and look of bathrooms. Granite counter tops and silver beige marbles are hot products for bathrooms. Another aspect of bathroom design is bath tubs and other rock accessories. Using marbles for these subsections of bathroom is ideal choice because marble provides soothing effect and wonderful experience over our eyes.
Kitchens There is a trend of having state of the art kitchens in every home and when it comes to Kitchen planning you can't really ignore importance of marbles and granites. Granite kitchen counters and granite marble tiles are a must for every modern day kitchen. If you really want to have a kitchen like no one has seen ever, you really need to include marble products in your kitchen design plan. Terrace Whenever at home, people want to spend some quality time with family or kids or simply relaxation with comfort. They sit either in drawing room, or terrace garden. So, terrace is now another important section of home, gone are the days when people used to dry cloths at terrace. Now they prefer having a terrace garden to sit and have some quality time spend in loneliness or with loved ones. Granite tiles flooring is popular these days for terrace gardens. Marbles are one of the best products for making your home look more beautiful. They are long lasting products, very easy to install as well as maintain. You don't need to think about replacement, because they will last as long as your home.


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