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As far as bedroom lights

It goes without saying that home is where the heart is. And, the heart of the home could well be the bedroom, that all-intimate room where you can truly let your hair down. This is one room that should be an oasis of tranquillity in a mad-rush world. Whatever be your financial status, believe me you can give your bedroom a touch of royalty. Lets start out our journey of decorating your bedroom with the most significant piece of furniture in this room the bed. Beds need not be elaborate works of art. Of course wooden beds would be apt, if its old-world charm you have in mind for your bedroom. But, nowadays, even metal beds are very much in use. While elaborately carved wooden beds do look stately, metal beds add a contemporary appeal to your bedroom. Another option to a full-fledged bed would be a slightly smaller cot. This cot could be a mini-bed or could be a small sleeping area for a baby. The next most important furniture item in your bedroom is the dressing table.
If you are a woman, or a vain man (no offence meant), you will know what I mean. The dressing table, again, would most probably be made of wood. Unlike the bed, I dont think that metal or steel would quite fit in here. Ever seen steel dressing tables? I guess not. As far as the mirror goes, there could be either one single large mirror or three or more mirrors attached to each other with hinges. This kind of arrangement of mirrors would enable you to see your face from different angles. Now, how could we forget the storage of clothes, shoes, hats, books, watches, money, and just about anything else you would keep in the bedroom? Enter the wardrobe with numerous shelves. Here again, the preferred material in their construction is wood. However, for more practical purposes, I would go with metal.
Metal wardrobes are long lasting and also less prone to decaying and susceptibility to water (a coat of anti-rust paint would take care of this). But if you are one of those with a penchant for classic furniture, teak wood wardrobes would be more up your street. But, as a final argument for metal, I would suggest the trunks and chests. I have known trunks and chests to last for centuries. If you are one of those scholarly gentlemen who do not have a separate study in your home, then a mini-study in your bedroom could serve the purpose. All that you would need would be a desk or desks or even small tables and a couple of desk chairs. These items could occupy one corner of the bedroom with a table lamp providing lighting and vase added for beauty. A couple of other chairs or ornate stools and armchairs could be placed in various parts of the room for added seating capacity.
As far as bedroom lights, suffused lighting could do the trick adding a romantic touch to the room. However, any artistic lighting would be useless if outside light were to come in. Here, blinds would provide the much needed shielding from the outside world. Of course wall or table clocks would let you know the time of the day. A soothing jungle-themed or beach-themed wallpaper would be best for getting the beauty of nature right into your bedroom. Picture frames would complete the look of your bedroom.


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