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A decorative plate

My belief as a professional organizer is that it takes a lot less energy and saves a lot more time when things have a designated place to "live" and it is tons better when those things live in a container in their home. I know everyone has containers in their home that won't cost them a single cent. All you need to do is recycle and repurpose those unused containers lying about. Let's see how many containers you already have that you can use. Then we will see how many organizing ideas we can come up with to use those containers to create space and end clutter in your home.
 If we can't find something then make a trip to a local thrift store and look for containers you can use that cost less than $3.00. This will be fun; it will be like a treasure hunt looking for the best bargains but only if you absolutely have to. 1. The first thing that comes to mind is baskets. Baskets can be used in every room in your home. Those rectangle baskets fruit trays come on can be used in the entry way for shoes to be placed on. On place it in the garage for gardening shoes. A child's Easter basket can be used by the back door to put items in that need to go back to the car to be returned. When shopping for an Easter basket look for one that you can repurpose.
 Baskets are great as a landing place for mail, DVD's, children's school work, to contain paper in the office, or even for measuring cup in the kitchen. Spice packets are nicely contained in a little basket. Use them in the bathroom for wash clothes, towels or tissue. Use them for toys, magazines, and catalogs. If you don't have baskets in your home; after you decide how you could use them make a trip to the local thrift store. They sell a wide variety of baskets cheap. You can even spray paint them to match your dcor. 2. The cardboard box checks come in can be used in the office to hold pens and pencils, paper clips, or scratch paper. If you want to make it fancy put colored contact paper on it. I don't recommend this as it takes time and is an expense. If you have it on hand and the time to do it, then go ahead and be creative. Or this could be a nice project to ask a child to do for you. 3. Hooks can be used in every room in the home. There are many decorative hooks that cost less than $3.00. We may not think of them as a containerbut they contain items so why not? Uses include hanging umbrellas, hats, coats, leashes for pets, back packs, towels in the bathroom, purses, kitchen towels, cups, (each family member could be assigned a different color).
Let your imagination run wild on where you can use hooks. 4. Plastic bowls you no longer need make great containers. In the kitchen they can hold lids, miscellaneous gadgets, measuring cups, poached egg cups, and medicine bottles. I use one in the garage to place a flashlight. I got tired of finding it in different places every time it was used so I put it in a tall plastic bowl so it is easy to spot as the designated place for the flashlight. 5. Remember plastic zip lock bags. There are so many uses for these little gems I will mention just a few: store games in them, (label the bag with a permanent pen so you know where to return the pieces), silver jewelry to slow down tarnishing or use to store out of season clothes, books that are being stored, or anything you need contained and kept dust free. 6. Little plastic tubs such as margarine containers can be used in craft rooms to hold beads or other small items. Label them so it makes it easy to find what you need.
 A decorative plate in the bedroom can be used for loose change, perfume bottles or jewelry. 8. Ice cream buckets are great for children's toys. Be sure to label each bucket. When children are playing one bucket can be brought out at a time. 9. Shoe boxes have a plethora of uses. They can hold scarves, small bags, greeting cards, hair accessories, hats and gloves, receipts and extra office or craft supplies just to mention a few ideas they are used for. 10. An empty cereal box can be converted to a magazine holder. Cut the top and half of one side off, and if you want cover with decorative paper. These 10 organizing ideas on how to use free containers just scratch the surface of what you have in your home that you can recycle and repurpose to keep your home organized and keep things in their designated places. Marilyn's Bio: Marilyn is a professional organizer who works with women and seniors in clearing clutter and providing organizing tips. Clearing clutter helps those she works with to have less stress in their lives and feel more joy in living. Marilyn invites you to visit her website http://www.marilynbohn.com where you can find organizing solutions. You will find fun stories and free organizing tips in her blogs, articles and videos.



In other areas

Detailing your living room can be in various ways, whether it would be purchasing modern rugs to putting on artwork all over your wall. One great advice is keeping your details leveled, minimized if you can, but would still make a great impression. An example is in your living room, instead of painting on a lot of prints and patterns on walls, you could go with choosing to buy furniture or accessories that have that certain print. Like lamp shades or on the couch and seats. An ideal accessory is on the rug. Modern rugs these days come in artistic designs and patterns that could fit your color scheme, your ideal look, and how you would want to personalize your living room. If you are going to choose a rug, make sure that its of high quality. Traditional rugs are handmade making them more specialized and could be one of a kind made only for your home. Modern rugs are in this way too, only that they're produced in numbers and that they could be in the material of your choice. Traditional and modern rugs are usually made of wool sheared from sheep.
In other areas they can be made out of cotton. Although cotton is actually more stable than wool, it is less durable and more expensive, so the use of cotton rugs are limited. Rugs can also be made use of silk, but silk is quite vulnerable and are in need of high maintenance, another is that silk is usually more expensive than cotton or wool. Modern rugs are often made of wool, they more durable and can be imprinted with patterns more easily. Because modern rugs have more ecstatic and eye catching patterns, dying them and weaving them into prints would need more durable material.
Rugs take time to make; especially traditionally made ones where they would be weaved by hand and should follow a strict pattern of weaving. Modern rugs in the other hand are often machine made because most of the pattern would be too complex to do by hand and most orders of these rugs are in groups. So the availability of a certain modern rug should have sufficient supply to serve customers. Moreover, rugs that are made in companies night not have the kind of quality that handmade rugs have since they are given more attention to make and they are done more carefully. Accessorizing your home can come in different way, it can be through choosing odd sofas and chairs, furniture that have a distinct character, throw pillows, bean bags, and center tables. Its all up to the home owner. But in accessorizing, you also have to make sure that you're not completely taking the attention away from the room itself. Decorations should always be minimized, if your rug has an odd print, make sure that your lamp shade, or your sofa doesn't. Having furniture in solid colors is also helpful, that way an array of bright throw pillows wouldn't exactly drive you blind.



Use wall plaques

Have you ever thought of plaques as wall decor? Typically, we think of plaques as a means of showing gratitude for a retiring employee, to indicate a house number, or to reveal someone s job title. However, we can also use plaques as a form of wall art. When combined with other types of wall art, including mirrors, paintings, and grilles, plaques can add a perfect finishing touch to any wall in your home. However, it is important to pick the right plaques for the right walls. Here are some tips to assist you in your mission: 1. Select a plaque that is sturdy While it is important to select an attractive plaque, you want one that last longer than a day, a week, or a month. Generally, metals such as iron create excellent plaques. Wrought iron is a pure iron that companies use for commercial purposes. The amount of carbon it contains is extremely low. Wrought iron contains many properties that make it ideal for various types of wall art. It is sturdy, pliable, and one can weld it easily.
Use wall plaques inside and outside your home One of the benefits of wall plaques is that you can use them on walls inside and outside, your home. Besides serving as excellent accents indoors, you can also use them on the exterior of your home as well. You can install them in outdoor areas such as gardens, patios, and so on. For instance, you could place a plaque behind various pieces of patio furniture. Whether you use them indoors or outdoors, plaques can help to complete any space in those regions. 3. Use plaques to spice up a bedroom If you want to add plaques to the walls of your bedroom, then you have several options. You could use a plaque to create an attractive headboard for your bed. Another option is to add smaller groups of iron plaques and other wall decor, over your bed.
 Select a plaque that matches the theme of the room When choosing plaques for various rooms, consider which plaques would match well with the theme of the room. For instance, you may be interested in more traditional styles, such as Gothic or Renaissance. However, you could also select more contemporary styles, if you want to give the room a more chic look. Other options include plaques that appear more natural or rural. 5. Use wall plaques to add extra texture and depth to any room Sure, you could simply apply paint or wallpaper to the interior walls of your home. However, plaques help to add additional texture and depth. This can make a wall come alive, creating a three dimensional effect and a blend of smooth and rough textures. If you want to add modern wall decor to your home, then consider wall plaques. Such pieces can add texture, depth and style on both the interior and exterior of your home. Plaques can also help to complement other types of wall decor. Unleash the power of plaques!


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