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If its a strong color

Mom and Dad, I want to redecorate my room. These words have been known to strike terror in the hearts of many a parent. You want your child to enjoy his room and you know that designing the dcor would be a great self-esteem and confidence builder. Yet parents also know that their childs interests and design style will change again within a couple of years. Now what? Think Color Scheme Start by asking your child what his favorite color is, then take him to a paint store and pick up paint sample card of his favorite. Next, show him a few colors that would coordinate well with his favorite and let him choose the coordinating color. Finally, show him a few colors that would work well as accent colors with the colors hes already chosen and let him choose the accent color. You now have your color scheme! Think Walls Use a shade of your childs favorite color to paint the walls.
If its a strong color, you may want to paint three walls a neutral color and use the favorite color as an accent wall color. Paint the trim and shelving in the coordinating color. Trust me, youll want lots of shelving! Its great for toy storage in the younger years, collection storage in the middle years, and book storage in the high school years. Think Window Coverings Now that you have your walls, trim and shelves painted, choose window coverings that will function through all of your childs decorating stages. You can use the coordinating color, a neutral color, or the accent color. While horizontal blinds come in a large array of colors and are quite popular now, they are difficult to keep clean. Will your child really dust them each week? Roll-up shades are available in many colors and if you cant find the perfect color, you can paint it! Roman shades are another choice which will grow with your child, and they have the added advantages of great insulation and room darkening ability (great for those teen years when they just cant seem to get enough sleep).
Think Wall Art Youve got the walls, trim, shelves and window coverings taken care of. Now what? Its time to personalize the room with items that reflect your childs interests. A great place to start is with wall art, such as paintings or posters. The internet has great websites filled with wall art for all ages and interests. Go through them with your child and choose one, two, or even three that coordinate. (Before beginning this process, be sure to remind your child that, as a parent, you have veto power!) Now you have your theme! Think Accent Items The final step in redecorating your childs room is finding accent items. If your toddler has chosen animal-themed wall art, a stuffed animal collection would be perfect. If a bright alphabet poster was chosen by your preschooler, items that begin with each letter of the alphabet would be a great collection for your child to amass.
Your ten year old daughter has chosen a doll theme? Display her doll collection. Your teenage son has chosen sports posters? All of his sports paraphernalia fits right in! If your teenage daughter has chosen travel posters because shed rather be anywhere than at home, souvenirs from her travels or items that represent places from her travel posters will allow her to live in those places during those difficult days teen girls often have. Youve Done It! Congratulations, youve done it! Your childs room is a special place that he helped plan. Hes feeling great about his role in the process and loves his room. Even better, because of your great planning, the basics walls, trim, and window coverings can stay the same throughout his many stages. As he grows and his interests change, all you need to do is change the wall art and accent items. Are you brilliant or what?


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