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When you do bump into

Lets cover an area of working the room with which people often struggle... the actual moving around the room. Disengaging with one group and breaking into groups. Finally I will cover the bridge process and explain the importance of the follow up after we have met new people. Perhaps you have recently had a chance to meet people at a business networking event or social event, a conference, or seminar and have taken the opportunity to go up to someone standing alone. The problem comes when you wish to extricate yourself from this person but don't know how to go about it. Here let me give you some practical ideas. If you are both fellow guests at a function you don't owe it to this person to spend the rest of the evening with them. Think about it for a moment, the chances are that this person wishes to move on as much as you do but like you they simply don't wish to offend or cause any embarrassment. You can do one of three of things: After you have finished speaking you can simply say Well, Jo, its been great meeting you, enjoy the rest of the evening.
Please excuse me as I promised to go and talk to Gerry over there You could say, Im going to get another drink, would you like to come? The cowards way out is Please excuse me, I need to go to the loo! and make sure you move well away from the person. Whichever you use please do it with respect, integrity and politeness. Good manners is essential when working the room and is good business; bad manners brings no business. The important aspect here is to move around the room with or without your new found friend. Again can I remind you that if your conversation is dry, they too probably want to be off working the room as well. You are doing them a favour by using your superior business networking techniques Using the second idea of moving to the bar is an opportunity to park the person with someone else or for them to park you. Its rare both of you will be at an event where you don't know anyone so moving to the bar usually has the desired effect.
When you do bump into someone you know even though you are a guest at an event act as a host. Dont just say Hi Lou this is Jo and leave it there. You have been chatting to Jo for some time and you obviously know Lou so play host. Say something like this, Lou let me introduce you to Jo who Ive just met this evening. He has a fascinating business selling sand to Middle Eastern Companies and, Jo, Lou here and I have been friends for years. He runs a business helping growing exporters raise finance from people who are looking for high-risk high return opportunities. These introductions are designed to get the two of them to talk quickly and with ease and reassurance. Who knows what may happen. You just might have created some potential for both of them? Business networking isnt just about what you can do for yourself, its about what you can do for others. If you help someone, they will remember you when they hear of someone who needs your services. This of course makes it so much easier for you to move on and meet other people. This exercise is what I call parking. Like your car do it carefully, watch all angles and dont hit anything! So now you have a parked Jo with Lou you have freshened up your drink. You look around the room and you see clusters of people or groups chatting to each other. Help...
What do I do next? It's easy. Work the room! Look for a group of three people and move over to the edge of the circle. As you are moving towards the group, look at the faces of the people and decide who seems to be the most welcoming. Stand opposite that person at the edge of the group and smile. I can assure you the following will happen. The person you have smiled at will smile back and one or both of the other people will turn towards you and both will take one step to the side making a space for you. When you first do this, it's not easy. I'm not pretending it is but it always works. Ask in a gentle voice "Good evening please may I join you"? Again I have to tell you, you will not be rejected. The chances are someone will put their hand out and introduce themselves. I often play a game at the start of a business networking seminar or prior to a sit down meal by asking my newfound friend if they would allow me to use them as a Guinea Pig. I get them to go up to people they don't know, try out what I have just said and it always works. I do this simply to ensure that whenever I write about the matter or speak about it at the presentations and seminars I deliver that I feel confident in the advice I give.
Once you have successfully joined a group, dont change the subject matter and wait for them to start asking you questions. Bear in mind again, the chances are these people are from the same business or have known each other for a long time but haven't got the self-confidence to break away and meet new people... So you are a big relief for them! When you are in a group, you will know the time to move on, instinct will tell you. I don't need to. So go to the top of this article and remember the tips about working the room.



This mechanism

Have A Shower In Your Tub With Tub Shower Mixer Taps Tub shower mixer taps are a kind of bathing room taps that work as a controller of the flow of water through your shower head. They supervise two flows of water - scorching plus cold. These bathing room taps allow you to manipulate and blend the volume of scorching or cold water such that you simply get merely the right hotness you need. Making the right hotness for your tub water is all-important however a complicated task. This has made shower mixer taps very popular as they allow you to check the hotness before you totally activate the tap. The traditional two tap system of balancing scorching plus cold water to deliver you a stable temperature is now outdated. Tub shower mixer taps work as a controller of the movement of water through your shower head, managing the hot and cold water second by second.
This mechanism lets you control and blend the amount of scorching or cold water such that you simply get only the right hotness you need. There are two forms of shower mixers: thermostatic plus manual shower mixers. Manual shower mixers do not have automated mixing of water. They're inconvenient for people who find themselves unable to combine scorching plus cold water within the right proportions. Thus, utilizing thermostatic showers is the perfect option. These will automate the hotness adjustments of your shower and thus prevent you from getting burned with very scorching water or getting amazed with arctic cold water.The shower mixer tap immediately adjusts both pressure plus temperature. There are different forms of Tub Shower Mixer Taps. Bath furnishings are usually either of antique fashion or modern fashion however mixer taps are rarely seen in a standard look. Mixer taps are manufactured from different materials. This change in makeup creates different styles, thereby lending elegance to your bathroom.
Every metal is recommended for a special look. Whereas stainless steel is appropriate for modestly embellished space, gold looks good in an elegantly embellished setting. Chrome is best suited for most contemporary decorative styles. The composition of tap you choose will depend to a great extent on your budget. The style of tub shower mixer tap ought to match the style of your bathing room fixtures. Before buying a shower mixer tap, you need to check with the provider to check if the mixer valve will fit your bathing room system. Surface mounted systems are favored by people who have an existing bathing room system as they're easy to install. In Flush mounted systems all the pipes are hidden at the rear of the wall, and thus, these could be put in when you are building a brand new bathroom. You ought to make sure that the pressure of both cold and scorching water is the same for effective use of a shower mixer tap. This is possible if the sources of both scorching and cold water systems are identical. In case of uneven pressure of scorching and cold water, you need to install a balanced mixer valve which can make sure that the pressure of both scorching and bloodless water is identical.



The food was great

We just got back from the Bahamas yesterday. Absolutely beautiful once you are at the hotel. Trip to hotel is not the best thing to view. Hotel is amazing and staff is so friendly. The hotel sits right on the beautiful beach front. Our room was clean. It had a great view of pool and ocean. We just ate at the buffet the whole trip, food was average. Don't think the specialty places are worth the wait in line, though I overheard the food was great at the Steakhouse. The mixed drinks are strong and you get your money's worth. Love that it's all-inclusive. I really enjoyed my stay here.
The food was great, a different theme every night. Bahamian night was our favourite. Rooms were nice although you wont spend much time there, with the pool and swim up bar. I'll be going back again a year from now and I can't wait. Recommend the Riu over any of the others I visited while I was on the island. Down-side: they only have MGD cans of beer, entertainment is ok, but wish they had dancing, and the peddlers, but that is everywhere in the Bahamas. Also fridge in our room did not get very cold. They only stock it every two days as well. This hotel is the best, may not have fancy rooms, but who needs that. I look forward to returning, I miss the place already! It is a much better deal then the hotel next door to the left, which it takes three minutes to walk to and is also worth checking out but not staying at. You will love this place! They do not offer room service and you are not allowed to bring food out of the restaurants. We would suggest bringing snacks for the times when the restaurants are closed. There is a charge for using the phone in your room (even with a calling card) and they do not have a payphone.
We used the payphone at the Atlantis Resort which was just a quick walk next door. There is a deli/grocery a few blocks away near the Blue Marlin, a good restaurant. Water and snacks are cheaper than the hotel. You'll save buying T-shirts and things in Nassau. The Green Turtle by the Marina is a nice change of pace with reasonable drinks and a lengthy happy hour. Watch out for Seagulls when eating outside. Wheel and deal with the waverunner vendors, they come down in price. Straw xafs is over rated, but you can get good deals on stuff .Also they will harass you to buy, if not interested just say 'no thank you'. Carry on your souvenirs on the plane; I had some stolen from my luggage. Dolphin Encounter is a must, worth the price to swim with them.


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