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But for real organization

That'll probably become one of your most favorite expressions after you have yours rebuilt. And that's because rebuilt closets have a way of demanding organization from even the most messiest and disorganized person on earth! As they originally stand (no pun intended), closets just aren't designed to work with our current lifestyle. Sure they provide a storage area and a convenient way to hang clothing, but if you think about it, they work against us - not with us. Why do we keep our clothing in separate areas of the house, anyway? Who came up with that absurd idea? In one part of the house, we keep our underclothing in drawers. In another part of the house, we store our coats and jackets.
Other areas house shoes, while the closets that we hang clothes in also store things that really belong in a garage, attic, or basement! With all this running around from place to place (and trying to gather up an outfit everyday), it's no wonder we're disorganized! It's much smarter to put things that go together in one place - and having a custom closet built according to how you move about is the only real answer to convenience! Whether you have a small family or a large one, everyone can benefit from a custom built closet because absolutely no one wants to trot about the house gathering things.
That's just silly and although some closet organizers help a little bit - they're really no match for the individual needs of each homeowner. Closet organizers - although well meaning - may address the needs of Mary, Bob, Sue, or John, but they don't accommodate the requirements of Marissa, Tamika, Terrance, or Juan! Closet organizers provide a convenient place to hang Mary's shoes, hang Bob's hats, hang Sue's belts, and hang John's ties. But they don't provide a convenient place for Marissa's roller skate equipment. They don't give Tamika the handicap access she needs to reach items that are placed high. They don't prevent Terrance from wasting 10 minutes trying to find his socks. Nor do they allow Juan to see how he looks in an outfit. Starting to see the picture? Closet organizers serve a purpose -albeit a small one- and we're not suggesting that they be eliminated. They're good for storing things under a kitchen sink or in the laundry room of course.
But for real organization that involves scores of clothing and bedding - and the ability to easily access those things on a daily basis really requires a custom built closet. A custom built closet is typically the size of a small room - and if you have a room in your home that you're not using, you can turn it into the closet of your dreams. We're talking about shelving - carpeting - studio lighting - mirrors - the works! And as you can imagine, a closet of this size will help you become more organized than before because you have the space and opportunity to put everything that belongs together - with each other. Just picture it. With a custom built closet, you can walk in and then walk out fully prepared for the day without running from room to room in an effort to face the day!


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