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But for real organization

That'll probably become one of your most favorite expressions after you have yours rebuilt. And that's because rebuilt closets have a way of demanding organization from even the most messiest and disorganized person on earth! As they originally stand (no pun intended), closets just aren't designed to work with our current lifestyle. Sure they provide a storage area and a convenient way to hang clothing, but if you think about it, they work against us - not with us. Why do we keep our clothing in separate areas of the house, anyway? Who came up with that absurd idea? In one part of the house, we keep our underclothing in drawers. In another part of the house, we store our coats and jackets.
Other areas house shoes, while the closets that we hang clothes in also store things that really belong in a garage, attic, or basement! With all this running around from place to place (and trying to gather up an outfit everyday), it's no wonder we're disorganized! It's much smarter to put things that go together in one place - and having a custom closet built according to how you move about is the only real answer to convenience! Whether you have a small family or a large one, everyone can benefit from a custom built closet because absolutely no one wants to trot about the house gathering things.
That's just silly and although some closet organizers help a little bit - they're really no match for the individual needs of each homeowner. Closet organizers - although well meaning - may address the needs of Mary, Bob, Sue, or John, but they don't accommodate the requirements of Marissa, Tamika, Terrance, or Juan! Closet organizers provide a convenient place to hang Mary's shoes, hang Bob's hats, hang Sue's belts, and hang John's ties. But they don't provide a convenient place for Marissa's roller skate equipment. They don't give Tamika the handicap access she needs to reach items that are placed high. They don't prevent Terrance from wasting 10 minutes trying to find his socks. Nor do they allow Juan to see how he looks in an outfit. Starting to see the picture? Closet organizers serve a purpose -albeit a small one- and we're not suggesting that they be eliminated. They're good for storing things under a kitchen sink or in the laundry room of course.
But for real organization that involves scores of clothing and bedding - and the ability to easily access those things on a daily basis really requires a custom built closet. A custom built closet is typically the size of a small room - and if you have a room in your home that you're not using, you can turn it into the closet of your dreams. We're talking about shelving - carpeting - studio lighting - mirrors - the works! And as you can imagine, a closet of this size will help you become more organized than before because you have the space and opportunity to put everything that belongs together - with each other. Just picture it. With a custom built closet, you can walk in and then walk out fully prepared for the day without running from room to room in an effort to face the day!



The fire damage restoration

If you have recently gone through fire damage, then you should know that you are not the only one. Each day, houses, churches, offices and even schools go through fires. Fires are something that has happened since the beginning of time and in many cases, fires cannot be avoided. If you and your family have come face to face with fire damage in your house then we are sorry that you had to go through that nightmare. Fires are known for ruining peoples lives because that is all they are good for, unless they are in your fire place and then they are known for keeping you warm. When a fire keeps our documents and books warm, that is a whole different story. If you are in need of a fire damage restoration company, then you can count on them asking you a number of different companies when you call them. When you are calling a fire damage restoration company, you will need to prepare yourself to answering some questions that they may have for you.
If the fire damage restoration company does not answer you any questions and just hangs up the phone, this may not be a good thing, unless they live right down the road and they plan on coming to your house in a matter of minutes. When it comes to fire damage, if you have recently had it in your house and you have not went through the process of fire damage restoration, and then you should look into staying somewhere else such as a hotel or with a family member, until you can get the fire damage restoration done. Some of the questions the fire damage restoration company will ask you have a lot to do with how the fire happened.
If you are not sure how the fire happened in your home, then you should just tell them that you are not sure. If you need fire damage restoration in your home because of something you did such as leave a candle burning while you left the house, then you should tell them this. Do not try to sugar coat any of your stories because lying will get you nowhere.
The fire damage restoration company will also be asking you where the fire damage took place. If the fire damage took place in the kitchen, then they may need to bring some special equipment with them. If the fire damage took place in the library in your home, then they will need to put your documents through a freeze drying process in order to restore them. Another question your fire damage restoration company will ask you is how many rooms the fire damage has affected in your home. Many rooms do not seem touched by the fire but that does not mean they are not affected by the smoke. If you are not sure if the room has been affected by smoke, then you should tell them in case it has been. Just because a room appears to not be affected by smoke caused by a fire does not mean it doesn't need fire damage restoration. In many cases, fire damage restoration is done in every room in the home just to be on the safe side.



The plastic coating

A homes windows covering are now getting a lot more attention from the neighbors and home appraisers when shutters are installed. Shutters are proving to be a better window treatment, due to the fact they are the only window treatment to increase a homes value and are a major visual element additive on the inside and the outside of the home. Shutters also control the lighting and set mood for each room. Most interior designers feel that shutters provide a finished look to a window and they are more durable than draperies, curtains or blinds. More than ever before, homes with shutters are recognized as substantially upgraded and thus shutters are the number one window covering all other products. The shutter category is the number one window covering product in recent years. Surveys have shown that 7 out of 10 consumers prefer shutters over any other type of window covering, however only 2 out of 10 can afford them due to the high price.
Shutter offers many advantages over blinds and curtains. Shutters offer superior insulative and control of light entering a room, varying from opening the shutters all the way for a full view to fully closed for an almost blackout control. Shutters in general are lower maintenance than most other types of window covering. Older style shutters with staples require replacement every few years and special cleaning and upkeep, synthetic vinyl and Polywood materials can withstand wet environments such as outdoor use and saunas. In recent years a laminate DuraShutter material with snap-in non staple construction provides durability and low cost alternative advantages.
Shutters can provide a better insulation value than any other type of window covering. Since 10 times more heat can pass through a glass window than through wall adding a shutter to your window will lower your heating and air conditioning bills. Shutters are commonly made from 3 different types of materials. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as environmental effects. Traditional shutter manufacturers use wood and then spray paint or stain them to just about any color you desire and they perform well under most conditions. Like any wood product they are subject to warping over time and the paint can peal and crack over time. Unfortunately, some woods are imported and the harvesting of some trees causes harm to the environment. In addition most shutters are painted using lacquer based primers and or finish paints that release VOCs into the atmosphere. VOCs have been proven to increase green house gases. Vinyl and Poly foam shutters were developed as an alternative to wood shutters. For certain applications such as outdoors, high humidity areas like saunas or poolrooms vinyl or Poly foam shutters are an excellent choice.
The plastic coating used in these types of shutters can fade, change color or yellow over time with exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, vinyl and Polywood shutters are made with oil products and the drilling, transport, refining and storage of oil based products are a concern to many as their use increases our dependency on oil, and when painted, the use of VOC is also harmful to the environment. Many shutter fabricators are now, as flooring companies do, are offering Eco friendly lower cost laminate alternatives to wood. Many American and foreign shutter fabricators now offer all three choices, Plastic/foams, Wood and Laminate materials. Laminate materials are designed to overcome the disadvantages of wood, vinyl and Polywood shutters. Laminate DuraShutter material is a dense, solid engineered composite that is an Eco friendly recycled wood and paper product. Its density gives it a better insulation value than wood and the Eco friendly laminate coating material provides better resistance to fading or yellowing than Polywood or vinyl.
Laminate shutters can be made into an excellent product that is indistinguishable from wood shutters. Since laminate DuraShutter is primarily made from recycled materials and the finish from Eco friendly laminates, it has a significantly lower impact on the environment. Shutters are often referred to as "the ultimate window covering" but costly until the introduction of shutters made of lower cost laminate DuraShutter materials that many shutter fabricators are now offering as a lower cost alternative. So once you've added indoor shutters, just stand back and admire them, both from within your home and from your curb. Drive by any home with interior shutters across the front and you'll see why so many people swear by them. By visiting the authors web site at Durashutter.com you will find all kinds of useful window covering information.



If you are looking or interior

One of the most popular decor that you can incorporate in your home includes Moroccan furniture as well as accessories. If you want interior design, you can add both functionality as well as art to your home. Moroccan furniture uses the look of Moorish ethnic design that will invoke beauty as well as charm in your home. Everyone wants their home to look a bit different than other homes and one way to do it is to use Moroccan furniture as well as other decor that will all blend together but add warmth and comfort, as well as artistic flavor to your home decor. One of the reasons why Moroccan furniture is so very well liked is that it will blend in well with your existing furniture. 3 Ways to Use Moroccan Furniture Inside and Outside 1.Moroccan furnishings look wonderful and vibrant when you use them to create Moroccan living rooms. Not only are the vibrant colors that are used in Moroccan sofas, chairs and tables easy to blend with other furnishings in your home, but you can also use Moroccan lamps and continue to add to this decor.
One of the best aspects of creating a Moroccan living room is the fact that you do not need a lot of furnishings for your Moroccan living room to come alive. In addition to that, as Moroccan lamps are truly works of art themselves, they tend to be the focal point. You can decorate your home using these furnishings that are affordable and make a good choice for someone just starting out who wants to gradually add to their living room decor with these furnishings. 2.For the bedroom, Moroccan bedding will do wonders. The bedding itself is made from vibrant colors and exquisite materials. In addition to bedding, you will want your Moroccan bedroom to have hand carved bedroom Moroccan furniture as that includes beds, mirrors and dressers. Of course, you will also want to throw in a few Moroccan lamps as well as a rug to give the room a great deal of Moroccan warmth.
 If you are looking or interior design that is both artistic and functional, you should consider Moroccan furniture for your bedroom. 3.You have your choice when it comes to outdoor tables for Moroccan patios. These include mosaic tables as well as other outdoor Moroccan furniture including fountains and patio furniture. Your deck or patio will take on new life when you incorporate Moroccan furniture into the mix. In addition to mosaic styling, you can also find wooden tables as well as those that are intricately carved when you are looking for Moroccan furniture for the outdoors. Of course, you will want to use Moroccan lanterns as well. One of the best aspects of using Moroccan furniture is that it is timeless. This means that it will fit in to any decor that you already have. You can gradually start incorporating the Moroccan furniture into your living space and will find that you enjoy gathering more of the furniture, lamps as well as accessories that make Moroccan furniture so very timeless, useful and artistic. If you want to start using Moroccan design, take a look online at some of the most beautiful and original designs in furniture, lamps and bedding that use Moroccan design and Moroccan furniture.


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