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There is also another Marriott

A historic port, a city with two cathedrals and a 20th century musical heritage unsurpassed by any other UK city are some of the attractions that require Liverpool to have a range of accommodation options suitable for its many thousands of visitors. In 2008 Liverpool becomes a European City of Culture, which will undoubtedly mean new accommodation will be built and many existing hotels will be re-furbishing ready for 2008. If you are on a budget and visiting Liverpool on your own during the university holiday periods, Easter and June to late August, you can book a single room at the Liverpool John Moores University for just 19 a night. Two hostels worth noting in Liverpool are the International Inn at South Hunter Street, a dormitory bed here is 15 a night, or the Youth Hostel, near the Albert Dock, where you can have a bed in a dormitory for 20.50. To stay there you'll need to be a member of the YHA.
There are plenty of mid-range hotels to choose from in Liverpool, both independent ones and those belonging to the larger chains such as Travel Inn at 60 a night and The Holiday Inn at 70 a night for a double room. The Aachen Hotel on Mount Pleasant is in the centre of the city and is a popular place to stay for those wanting something different from the hotel chains. The hotel is well known for its excellent value for money and friendly staff. It has 17 rooms with varying tariffs from 32.50 a night for a single room to 112 for a four-bed family room. Not all the rooms have en suite, but a double room with en suite is around 60 a night - all prices include breakfast. The Marriott on Queen Street is an example of a four star chain hotel in the city centre. Room prices range from 100 to over 200 depending on the type of room and time of year that you are booking.
There is also another Marriott Hotel in Liverpool out near the airport. For a four star chain hotel in Liverpool the Radisson SAS is probably the best of the pick. Located on Old Hall Street the price for a double room starts at 140 a night and can rise to 800 for a suite. However, being a major chain of hotels there are always deals and special offers available. Liverpool has a surprisingly good selection of up xafs independent hotels. The Feathers Hotel at Mount Pleasant and The Alicia Hotel in Sefton Park are both part of the regional Feathers Group of hotels. The Alicia is a restored town house that once belonged to a local cotton merchant and the Feathers is a modernised Georgian town house. At 130 a night for a standard double room, or 150 for an Executive double room, the hotels offer accommodation to the very highest standards. Both hotels have bars and restaurants offering everything from snacks to four course dinners. The Hope Street Hotel, no need to explain further where this is, the hotel styles itself as Liverpool's first boutique hotel and certainly has the style and standard of accommodation to meet the claim.
 This privately owned hotel was originally built as a warehouse in the 1860s, following extensive refurbishment when converted into a hotel the building does now have the look of a Venetian palazzo, when viewed in the sun The rooms are furnished to the very highest standards and the restaurant - The London Carriage Works - is one of the best places to eat in Liverpool. Room prices range from 140 a night for a standard double room to 350 for a suite with a double bed. However, the hotel does also do special seasonal offers, so it might be worth contacting them to see what deals are available. The Racquet Club, which is now located in the Hargreaves Building on Chapel Street, was founded in 1874 and moved to its present premises in 1985. This small eight bedroom hotel has a Japanese room and antique French beds. Room prices start at 110 a night.
Sleep Station on Hamilton Road in Birkenhead is a similar hotel to the Racquet club; it has five rooms, three apartments and a penthouse suite with views over Liverpool Bay. Trials, has twenty suites, rather than rooms, which have Jacuzzi tub bathrooms. It is located on Castle Street in the city centre. If you are staying for more than a few days in Liverpool, you might consider hiring an apartment instead of a room in a hotel. Their are three luxury apartments overlooking the Royal Quay at Kings Dock, the Mersey Waterfront Apartments are available at 500 per week. There is also the Waterfront Penthouse which is also in the docks area at Clipper Quay. This penthouse has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully fitted kitchen and a balcony leading off the lounge, with views over Liverpool Bay. In the heart of the city are the Trafalgar Warehouse Apartments, off Lord Nelson Street which is near the Lime Street railway station. Occupying a converted warehouse, the apartments are finished to a high standard and have Jacuzzis fitted in them. Prices vary according to the time of year and range between 500 and 750 for a week.



The chocolate color stain

The enhancement in technology and introduction of newer ideas has made it possible to make things that could not even be imagined in the past. This has made it possible to make many versatile objects, many of which include the articles of daily use. A futon bunk bed is also considered among the versatile objects as it serves a dual purpose. You can use it as a couch during the day and as a bed at night. These bunk beds are available in a variety of color options and styles so that you could choose the best one that can suit your interiors. Usually it comes in popular colors which you could choose the twin over futon bunk bed in cherry cinnamon. This wooden bed has a bright cherry color, which helps to create a cheerful environment. This is a color that looks good both by the day and by night.
 The cherry color is neither too light nor too dark. As such, it gives an excellent contrast with a variety of shades. Also, if you place a bed of this color in the center of the room, it would definitely make your room appear much brighter. Children are very fond of chocolates. The very name of chocolates delights them. They wish they could have a world of chocolates, where each and every object is made of this delicacy. A twin over futon bunk bed in chocolate cinnamon would therefore be one of the best gifts you could give to your children. This bunk bed is made of solid hardwood.
The chocolate color stain on this sturdy bed is also quite durable, so your children can use it all through their growing years and even thereafter. Each of these beds is available in a variety of designs as well. They may even have different ways of folding and unfolding the lower futon to form a couch or a bed respectively. Having a futon bunk bed makes it possible to accommodate an additional person in the lower bunk when another person is already sleeping on the upper bunk. This provides a more comfortable alternative than sleeping on the floor. The futon bunk bed is most apt in two cases.
First, when there is not enough space in a bedroom to accommodate a bed and a couch within it simultaneously. Second being the case where there is just enough room to provide for a full size bed, leaving almost no space or very little space around the bed to move about freely. The twin over futon bunk bed in medium oak cinnamon is another variant of the futon bunk bed that you could opt for. The medium oak color is one that would suit furnishings of many different colors. So, no matter how many times you change the furnishings of the room, it would have a good contrast with your futon bed. The framework of this solid hardwood bed is reinforced with steel at several points to give it a strong foundation. The medium oak stain is also long lasting.



This means it is your one opportunity

Decorating a bathroom can be a daunting task, especially if you are trying to create a custom unique look to your restroom. However, it can be made easier if you choose to center your theme on your bathroom vanity. This is because astoundingly enough, the mirror is the most noticed and important part of entire theme. Thus, if you want a custom look, you have to place an extra effort into the mirror you decide to place above your sink. The bathroom vanity is the first thing that people see when they walk into your bathroom, and because everybody is accustomed to checking their appearance while they was their hands, it is also the last thing they see as they exit the room. Therefore, the number one thing that people will notice in your bedroom is by default going to be the mirror. However, even public restrooms have mirrors so the simple presence of a bathroom vanity in your bathroom is not going to be enough to draw attention.
Since the mirror is of such high importance, you have to make sure that it is impressive and fits in with the best of your bathroom dcor. After all, if the center of your bathroom oddly sticks out, so will the rest of the dcor. There are plenty of ways that you can accent the rest of the detail in your bathroom if you choose the right bathroom vanity, and most of them focus on the size and the trimming of the mirror. For instance if you are going for a homey warm feel you might choose a mirror with wood trimming because it will bring out the natural feel to the room. On the other hand, if you are going for the popular aquatic look, with brightly covered fish adorning your shower curtain and window curtains, you might choose a silver frame and place a vinyl fish dcor on the side of the bathroom decor.
However, if you want to really choose a bathroom vanity that is unique, you might turn online and by an actual fish shaped mirror which is bound to draw attention to your theme. Keep in mind, that while every other large item in the restroom is there by default and lacks personal charm, (you cant do much with a toilet, sink, and shower) the bathroom vanity is the one item you have full creative license over.
This means it is your one opportunity to decorate the room with your personal flair without worrying about where the piping is. Therefore, you will want to take special care to make sure the bathroom vanity is everything you want the room overall to be. You might consider searching online for more bathroom vanity ideas and inspiration than you would find at your local Wal Mart. There are many ideas you can go with ranging from antique, delicate, to sturdy and warm but you have to pick your mirror before you can decide which one is going to fit your restroom the best.



Many of the deaths

Vaccines are the only effective means you will have to protect yourself, your family and your co workers from potential death from the H1N1 Swine Flu virus. When both the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) put out a World wide alert that this disease is serious and will infect hundreds of millions and potentially kill a million or more common sense should tell us that we should probably pay attention. A recent news report indicated that of 700 pregnant women in the USA who contracted the swine flu from April 1 July 31, of this year 100 were placed in intensive care and 27 of those died. This H1N1 virus has the potential to cause a million or more deaths and certainly will cause 100 s of millions of illnesses, many very severe. If you have ever had a bad case of the flu, you know that it made you feel like you were going to die.
There is only one good reason to avoid taking this vaccine that is if you have a severe life threatening allergy to chicken eggs otherwise, if you value your life and the lives of others around you, you should take the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine. The highest risks groups for serious infections are: 1) Pregnant women this group has a very high risk of complications for the mother and the fetus. The risks for having H1N1 are far greater for you and your baby than any risk from taking the vaccine. Ask your doctor about it. 2) Caregivers for children if you work at a daycare center, are a babysitter or otherwise care for children, especially if any of the children are younger than 6 months of age, you are in a high risk group.
Vaccinations will likely become mandatory by your employer. 3) Heath care workers this group can easily be repeatedly exposed and can readily spread the swine flu to others. Health care workers will probably be required by their employers and possibly by law to receive this vaccine in order to continue working at their current job. 4) Age group 6 months old through 24 years old this large group is likely to be repeatedly exposed in schools or daycare settings and this group has so far experienced the highest rate of serious infections and deaths. 5) Anyone in the age group 25 64 who has any health condition that is known to be associated with a high risk for complications from the flu, for example, this group includes anyone with asthma or other respiratory or immune system weaknesses consult you doctor if you are unsure. Persons over 65 are not in the high risk category but should strongly consider the H1N1 vaccine, as well as a pneumonia vaccination.
Many of the deaths from H1N1 were caused by pneumonia. Is the H1N1 vaccine safe? Yes, it is safe it is much safer than allowing yourself to be vulnerable to H1N1. The vaccine is expected to have the same safety profile as the seasonal flu vaccine since it is made in the same manner and under the same controlled conditions by the same manufacturers that have been making the seasonal flu vaccines for decades. Also, so far, millions have already taken the H1N1 vaccine worldwide and no new safety risks have been recorded. The most common side effects are mild redness, soreness or swelling at the injection site and in some cases a low fever, aches or mild nausea that lasts 1 to 2 days. How is the vaccine administered? The H1N1 vaccine is administered in 2 ways a nasal spray called LAIN or an injection. The nasal spray is not available for pregnant women.
 If you are under age 25, are pregnant, work in a health care or caretaker capacity or have any underlying medical conditions, you should definitely take this swine flu (H1N1) vaccination as soon as it becomes available in your area. I am personally in none of these categories, but, I will definitely be taking this vaccination as soon as it is available to me. I have been following the development of this disease closely for over a year now and am more concerned about its potential danger than ever. I have talked to several people who have had it and they tell me it is not something to take lightly. There have been 16 deaths in my area already and one was a 19 year old girl in excellent health. Even though some cases are reportedly not any worse than the seasonal flu, the reports of many deaths in otherwise health individuals and the possibility that the virus strain may mutate to an even more serious strain suggests that a wise person will get the H1N1 vaccination ASAP. Get vaccinated, or at least ask your doctor what he thinks you should do, if not for your own health then for the health of those exposed to you.



They have a rigid structure

Many homes can lack space when it comes to fitting in furniture and this can be a problem when you are trying to store and display your home entertainment equipment. Large flat screen televisions, DVD players and video games consoles can all take up a lot of space and can intrude into the room. One solution available to homeowners is corner TV cabinets. Benefits of Corner TV Cabinets Corner TV cabinets will fit back into awkward spaces in your room. This is a very practical way to display and store all of your television equipment and is ideal for small spaces.
Corner TV cabinets help to eliminate the problem of your modern home entertainment system intruding into your room and they take up much less floor space than freestanding options. Another benefit of corner TV cabinets is that they typically have doors on the front. This means you can shut away all the equipment and cables to create a much less cluttered look to your home. Size and Styles When you are choosing a corner TV cabinet you do need to make sure it can offer you the right amount of shelving and space for all of your equipment. It is best to buy a cabinet that can provide slightly more space if possible as it is likely you will get even more television equipment and accessories as time goes on. This will save you having to buy a bigger cabinet in the future.
The style of corner TV cabinet will very much depend on your own personal taste and the current dcor of your room. You can get corner TV cabinets made of wood, glass and plastic. Both traditional and modern styles are available so you should have plenty of designs to choose from. Issues to Consider When you are storing any electrical devices you do need to consider ventilation. When DVD players and other television equipment are in use they can produce a lot of heat. If the device gets too hot it can damage internal components so you do need to make sure that your corner TV cabinet can provide natural ventilation for your equipment. Ventilation can be provided by air vents in the back, front and sides of the cabinet. It is also a good idea not to push the cabinet right back against the wall and instead leave a small gap to increase air flow. There are a number of other corner cabinets that you could use for storing and displaying your television equipment. However corner TV cabinets are designed specifically for this purpose.
 They have a rigid structure that will resist vibrations from your television equipment. This will improve the sound quality and enhance your viewing experience. Other corner cabinets may not provide such a solid structure and could amplify vibrations rather than resisting them which can reduce the sound quality.



The door size of the room

Billiard or pool is probably the most popular indoor game that is often played in the clubs and offices. As a matter of fact this game has gained huge popularity all over the world and this is the reason why you will find tournaments and competitions of billiard taking place everywhere. A billiard table and cue are the two indispensable tools for a game of billiard. Now the quality of these two instruments has huge impact on the player's performance. So these two things have to the best of the lot.

Buying a Billiard Table

It is not at all an easy job to buy a billiard table. There are quite a few factors that you need to take care of in order to make sure that you are picking up the best piece. The important facts about a billiard table are its size, shape and price.  Moreover you need to purchase a table that will fit the place where you keep it. If you are going to purchase the table for using it at home then make sure that you have a sufficiently spacious room to accommodate the table. It also matters a lot whether you are going to place the table at a corner of the room or in the centre.
The door size of the room needs to be wide enough to let the table get into it. There are various places from where you can buy a billiard table. Often you get to see advertisements in the newspapers where they want to sell used or new tables. If you have enough money to spend fro your hobby of Billiard then the best option is to go for a new one. If at all there is budget constraint then a used one in a good condition is not bad at all.

How to Buy a Billiard Cue and Balls?

The billiard cues and the balls are as essential as the table is. As a matter of fact if the cues and the balls are of cheaper quality then the chances of the games getting spoiled is very high. All the billiard players have the same opinion that the balls and the cues should be perfect for a good game. Now you need to take care of some features while buying the cues for your personal collection.

First of all hold the cues in hand and try out some shots with it just to make sure that you are getting the right feel about them. If you are a seasoned player of billiard then you will understand the quality from the first touch. Then you need to know if the sticks are perfectly straight or not. If at all they are defective in any ways then the shots will never be perfect.

So if you want to play billiards and be the best player you can, always choose your billiard table and cues carefully.


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