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If it didn t come with frame backing

Double check to see if your oval frame came with frame backing. Carefully adjust the glass until the positioning looks good. 6. As you can see, preparing and assembling an oval picture frame does take a little time but can be a simple process if you follow these basic steps. Then, trace along the outside edge of the oval picture frame so it will fit in your frame.Now that you ve selected your oval picture frame it is time to prepare your photo to be placed in the frame. The first step to making your own frame back is to place the oval frame face up on the cardboard or mat board. Cut it out and then use brad nails (about inch) to secure the backing to the frame. 1. For vertical spacing, the subject s head should be about 2/3 s of the way up from the bottom of the picture. Ideally, the individuals in the photo should be centered in the frame and have equal amount of space around them. You do this by placing the brad nails on the board and pushing them into the molding on the back of the wood picture frame. Be sure the scissors are sharp because dull scissors can tear or crease the picture. Take your time in aligning the glass as the subject or individuals in the frame need to be straight in the picture. The purpose of the frame backing is to help hold your picture and glass securely in place with the help of some small brad nails.
3. To do this, first remove the frame back and then take out the glass and set it carefully to the side. Once the brad nails are securely holding the frame backing youre all ready to hang your oval picture frame. Once your picture is cut, clean the oval frame glass and allow it to dry thoroughly otherwise the moisture can damage your photo. The best way to check is to take the frame apart and put it over your photo to see how it looks. When you ve found the perfect position for your picture, carefully trace along the outside of the glass with a thin pen. 5. Place the oval frame over your picture and center the frame around the subjects in your photo. Although this isn t difficult to do, here are some tips help make the process easier and help you avoid making any mistakes. Now you are ready to cut. Use care when moving the glass so your picture doesnt get scratched. If you need to make your own backing and are framing an important picture, you should Centrifugal swiches of big horsepower use archival mat board because the acid in plain cardboard can degrade your photo over time. Aligning a subject in an oval frame isnt as simple as aligning a rectangular or square picture frame so make sure it looks right.
If it didn t come with frame backing, you can make your own frame back with either a piece of cardboard or a nice archival mat board. This step will help you decide if you like how your picture looks inside an oval picture frame. . Next, take the glass from your oval photo frame and place it over your picture where the frame had been. Before you cut your picture to fit an oval frame, always make sure the photo looks good in an oval shaped frame first. You can also use a mat knife but just make sure you re able to make a smooth and even cut otherwise, you should use scissors to avoid damaging your photo. Never position the subject s head directly in the center of the frame as it leaves too much space above and throws off the picture s eye appeal. Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut along the line you traced. If it did, all you have to do is put the glass, photo and frame back on and youre all done. 2. 4. And once your oval picture frame is hanging beautifully on the wall, youll be glad that you took the time to do it. Thick pens or markers may bleed onto the picture so avoid using them.


If its beaches

Gibsons Gateway to the Sunshine Coast. Pass straight through Gibsons, though, and youll pass up a memorable opportunity. For lovers of others sports, there are two golf courses nearby which both offer a warm welcome to visitors and the prospect of playing golf surrounded by the best scenery British Columbia can offer. Gibsons is a gateway worth hanging around at for quite a while. All this and you can eat at Mollys Reach, too! If you are looking for a location for a perfect family holiday then British Columbias Sunshine Coast, with its mild west coast climate and average of 5 6 hours of sunshine everyday throughout the year, is a great place to look. But the problem with gateways is that people usually just pass straight through them.
 For cyclists, there are some delightfully peaceful by-roads to explore or, if its mountain biking you want, then there are many specially designed trails including the Sprockids Mountain Bike Park, where your kids can have a great time ( and you, too!).
If its beaches that enchant you then you can walk along to Armours Beach, where there was an early settlement of Squamish First Nations people, and where you will find delightfully safe swimming; or you could discover the Secret Beach, by following the long wooden steps to a pebble beach offering views across to Vancover Island and Gibsons itself; or search for a beach for yourself and make your own fascinating discovery. And it has such an abundance of varied year-round recreational activities that you will surely discover delights for all of the family. For hikers, there are some gentle coastal walks or the more demanding Soames Hill climb, with its spectacular rewards waiting at the top, or, of course, the treks on Mount Elphinstowe itself for the real aficionados.
For example, in Gibsons itself, as well as the inevitable reminders of the 387 episodes of Beachcombers that were filmed here, you can tour the scenic harbor, view the classic houses, explore the eclectic shops in Mollys Lane xafs, lounge in Winegarden Park or just breathe in all the history and scenic splendor that surrounds you. Set Terminal Board on Howe Sound, with Mount Elphinstowe elegantly watching over you, Gibsons obviously will have a cornucopia of delights for water enthusiasts kayaks, sailboats, yachts and much more. It doesnt matter, though, how you arrive in Gibsons; what really matters most is that this is one gateway that you shouldnt just pass though.
 Gibsons is a charmingly picturesque fishing village that is small enough to wander around but also contains enough restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts and shopping opportunities to keep you occupied for hours. Later, you could journey a little further west to Roberts Creek Provincial Park and collect your own mussels and oysters and wander amongst the artists studios. For me, the best way to reach Gibsons is to take the attractive 40 minute ferry trip from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, itself a delightful 20 minute drive from Vancover, but there are other ways, including Floatplanes. . And Gibsons, just 10 minutes south of the Langdale Ferry Terminal on Highway 101, would be a perfect place to base yourself for a few days at least so that you can explore what this spectacular area has to offer.


The conference call phones

The satellite microphones that can be splayed out across the board room table enhance voice pickup from other guests on the call. With a state of the art conference call phones like these, a guest should never have to question a lengthy tirade again. The conference call phones offer clear voice pickup of the multitude of people in a board room, providing efficient conference calls. With some research a company can find the best alternative to their conference call needs. The conference calling equipment of yesteryear consisted of tidy phones with speaker phones, splayed out like an octopus on the board room table.
The clear voice transfers eliminate the need to repeat what was said. Who wants to pick up the phone with a major client, only to have the call dropped moments later due to the conference call phones? The latest in hi-fidelity, wideband conference calling equipment allows those on the call to talk from two to twenty feet from the microphone, without sounding any different. . Today's conference calling equipment comes with many options to eliminate the nasty entanglements of wires, and even more options for muting, recording, and call inclusion.they will hear it loud and clear the first time!
The conference call phones in existence today strengthen the voice signal of the callers, allow for more flexibility of space by going wireless, and provide added efficiency to a sometimes difficult call.. If the conference room you regularly use lacks the floor telephone jack in the middle of the room (yes, some have these), then you might consider this stylish alternative. The revolutionary talk experience eliminates the inefficiency found with many conference call phones. As we begin the search for the right conference calling equipment, we notice quite a few cordless alternatives. These conference call phones shaped like a half star fish can operate without the clutter of the wall outlet and only need power, but some even function off batteries.
 Although these conference call phones cost twice as much as other alternatives, they will increase conference call efficiency ten fold. In the age of technology, where palm sized phones can access email, surf the web, and place calls, it is no wonder that the conference calling equipment has advanced as well. A wired phone would probably be a better alternative to this though, as frequencies can be problems in some office buildings. It is simply a matter of weeding through the conference call phones out there to find the one suitable for your business.. The wires having to be hidden and disguised as it ran between an executive's legs to the outlet.For many companies, the board Centrifugal Switch room holds the conference calling equipment, usually the futuristic base crowds the center of the long table, and during calls everyone belts out their answer for those on the other end to hear.


Gallup also conducted

In the restaurant business, every great owner knows that xafsing your cuisine doesnt stop at the door. In the past, some popular restaurant chains sported menus up to 12 pages long. This knowledge can help restaurant owners boost sales on certain menu and menu board items. From design, photography, to production, Order-Graphic has the experience and dedication to bring your projects to life with eye-catching results., but have since reduced them significantly. For indoor or outdoor signage options, they have the answer when it comes to a streamlined look to showcase your products. It has been found that the menu design influences overall sales revenues of a restaurant by using forecasted cover counts and average check targets. As a restaurant owner or manager, the menu and menu board is the best internal xafsing tool you have at your disposal. For small shops who need a hand-held solution, their graphics division, Order-Graphic, is a one-stop shop for all of your printing needs. Menus and menu boards are now designed to lead customers from the specialty drinks (on the cover of menus) to appetizers (on the first page of menus) and complete courses (on the inside of menus). More and more restaurants are realizing the importance of proper menu and menu board design and presentation on check averages.
Gallup also conducted a survey that proved menu design had a subtle effect on what customers ordered. Subtle Design Gallup reports that a customer will spend, on average, 109 seconds reading menu items. They are used to further sell the customer, and is the only piece of xafsing content that you are absolutely sure will be read by the clientele. So you have that amount of time to get your messaging across to them. If your restaurant is in need of a menu and menu board redesign or a complete system replacement, contact a professional menu consultant for a comprehensive signage solution. Once a customer is inside your restaurant, menus and menu boards are the most important internal xafsing tool you have at your disposal. A well-designed menu and menu board will guide the attention of a customer to specific or featured items and increase the likelihood that those menu items will be ordered. It has been proven that strategic design will help increase the average check amount and sell more profitable menu items.
When it comes to average check optimizing-restaurant menus, menu boards, and back-lit signage systems, Order-Matic can provide your restaurant Centrifugal Switch with the most comprehensive signage solution available. Menu design and presentation needs to address this time stipulation. Customer Engagement Once a customer is engaged with a menu or menu board, it will directly influence not only what they eat, but ultimately how much they spend. Order-Matic is your customized "One-Stop Shop" for all of your restaurant and business needs. From Point of Sale equipment, communication needs, backlit signage to graphics, they've had it all for over 50 years! . Of course, these items should have the highest gross profit and lowest food cost, which will only achieve a higher average check. Check Optimization Restaurants are starting to revamp their menu and menu boards with the specific goal of increasing check averages.


With your safety equipment on

Many mistakes take place with the start to buying a skateboard. That is going to make the learning process easier for you and the entire sport more fun. Get one that is moderately priced to start with. Trying to stand on your skateboard all the time during the learning process is another common mistake. Learn the right moves for it too before you attempt it or you will end up regretting it. There is plenty of risk involved with skateboarding but you can minimize it if you take the time to buy safety equipment that fits you properly. You can always upgrade later on as a way to reward yourself for learning how to ride. Never attempt to do the moves that you havent got the skills for. Then they learning process is something you can embrace instead of being intimidated by. Dont assume you can buy your first board this week and then compete next week because it wont be happening.
By the same token, dont only associate with other skaters. Too many people give up on it right away because they become frustrated.Im writing this article to figure out some of the common mistakes that should be avoided when you learning skateboarding. It should be expected that you will fall, so take the time to learn the best way to do it. Dont force it on them and dont ride your board though a group of non skaters as they are walking or standing around. Dont let that happen to Centrifugal Switch you. Be respectful of those that dont appreciate the sport. When you know in advance what to expect you can be well prepared for it. Then they end up putting it way for good after spending hundreds of dollars on it. Instead get the right type of board for the type of skating you wish to take part in.
With your safety equipment on, crouching down and rolling when you are losing balance will help you get through the fall without feeling any real pain. The failure to do so can result in serious injuries including head trauma and broken bones. Then you can get up, find your board and do it all over again! Dont consider that everyone is against the issue of skateboarding. They may lose the common stereotype of it due to the respect you have shown to them. In fact, your behavior can shed new light on the sport for people. This is going to increase your risk of injury as well. It can be tempting to select one based solely on the way that it looks.
 It can be fun to have a group that shares this common interest but have outside influences as well. . Other people buy one due to the low price or they assume a high dollar one will make it easier for them to learn. First, this is a sport that takes plenty of time to learn. That way you dont get yourself into a mess and then learn from it the hard way. When someone else does them you may get the impression that they are easy but that isnt the case. Now that you are aware of common skating mistakes that you want to avoid, you can go about things the right way. Be confident in your own skill level before you advance to anything else. Many people think that they look ridiculous or at least like a beginner when they were safety equipment. If you walk around with such a chip on your shoulder you are going to represent the sport in a negative light.


There is considerable scope

This positive picture overall is reflected in the growth of container terminal facilities across China. Whats more, the Beijing government is acting decisively and taking measures to reverse the impact of the world economic crisis.S. These positive steps are likely to ensure that China import xafss will continue to grow over time. Although Chinas growth rate has fallen to 9 in the third quarter of 2008, down from its growth rate of 11. A further positive development is that relations between China and Taiwan have improved since Taiwan appointed a pro China President Ma Ying Jeou. Despite the recent downturn, China remains the factory of the world, with efficient manufacturing, low labour costs, high quality infrastructure and effective freight transport. It is expected that China and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) will form a free trade zone in 2010 and this will be a further catalyst for the growth of international freight in the south west region of China.
No other manufacturing country on a similar scale can offer the same winning combination of high productivity and low costs. . Export taxes have been cut on steel, chemical products and grain. So despite the current headline news about factory closures and job losses in China, the prospects for freight services and China import remain rosy in the medium to long term. It is anticipated that Taiwan will relax its trade policies towards China and this will create a boost for China and in particular for freight forwarding in Xiamen. For example, the Yangtse River Delta is home to many developments and both Yantian and Nansha are planning new facilities, which are of interest to any freight company involved in China import. Also the Bohai Bay Region, with its sub regions of Tianjin, Dalian and Quingdao are expected to experience growth. This proactive approach will have a beneficial impact on freight forwarding. Export duties will be cut on December 1st 2008 on over three thousand other goods, as part of a 586 billion dollar economic stimulus plan.
 There is considerable scope to extend Chinas imports further into the European Union, as the level of China import to Europe lags behind the level of China import to the U.9 last year, this is still a remarkably impressive growth rate. With the possible exception of clothing, there is still opportunity for China to increase its share of production from the current levels of less than 10 of global production.Despite the current impact of the world economic crisis which has seen factory closures and job losses in China in recent weeks, China is expected to continue as the leader in global trade and remain an important xafs for international freight. The third berth at Shenzhens Dachan Bay Terminal One has now been completed and there will be three more berths by the end of 2009.
To cope with ongoing growth in freight forwarding, new container terminals are being built and existing facilities are being expanded across Chinas eastern seaboard. This investment is justified against an expectation of continued increase in demand for freight services in the region, with the South China xafs expected to grow at 10 per annum in the coming years. A consortium is also planning to build a four berth second Dachan Bay terminal, to be completed by 2010. It is estimated that there is potential to increase this by at least 20 . Indeed, Xiamen has now had its plan to set up a free port zone at the Haicang Port area approved by the Chinese government. Terminal Board Similarly, although growth at Chinas two largest ports, Shenzhen and Shanghai have slowed down this year, we are still seeing an overall pattern of growth in freight forwarding. Meanwhile, outsourcing by Europe to China and other xafss continues apace, creating a further boost for shipping companies and freight forwarding.


Cheap materials

Almost like instinct people automatically assume that the best place to get cabinets is a big box store. Most RTA cabinets are easy to assemble and are generally more affordable than a pre assembled cabinet. When you're shopping on the internet chances are it will be tough to determine what you are actually getting for the money. You will be amazed by the choices that are available and the savings that you will see by doing some research on the internet. They will advertise their cabinets with all wood doors, while the rest of the cabinet actually ends up being particle board or press board. While a product may look like a quality piece it is always best to double check the cabinet specifications and make sure you do your research. Too expensive and it will be tough to have a budget for the rest of your projects. This can be time consuming and costly. One thing you must watch out for as previously mentioned is an RTA cabinet made out of particle board. . It is not unrealistic to save thousands over a pre-assembled cabinet and shopping online will generally save you hundreds if not thousands over the other retail choices.
Your best option for a quality cabinet and the best deal is an RTA cabinet that is made of all wood. Most cabinets on the internet and at big box stores appear to be high in quality but in actuality are probably made with particle or press board. Most RTA cabinets use a cam lock to attach one piece to another. However, if you have an RTA cabinet that is made with particle board it will be very easy to damage the cabinet during assembly. If you are looking for a high quality cabinet that traditionally is made of high quality materials, you want to think about RTA cabinets If you possess the ability to use a screwdriver you can assemble an RTA cabinet. Ikea takes the unique approach of making you buy the cabinet, and then buy the door separately. Naturally, the trick is to find the best cabinet for the cheapest price. You want to make sure you have the best quality cabinet for the best price. While searching for that deal you will encounter many options, styles and "deals".
Cheap materials, and it will have a short life span.When you get ready to renovate the kitchen in your rental property or home, you always want to get the best deal available. Anyone who has tried to assemble the night stand or coffee table from Ikea will know that one bump into the locking mechanism and it will chip right out of the particle board. So before you go running out to the big, advertised specials, make sure you do some research on-line. While they may have a large selection of cabinets, chances are you are not getting the best deal. Another thing to look for in a cabinet is the physical presence of a face frame. A good RTA cabinet will already come with the doors attached to the face frame and will be solid wood throughout. Some cabinets that come ready-to-assemble are what the call "frameless".
Some will price the cabinets by the linear foot, some will charge per cabinet, and others will lump everything together (or like Ikea, they will charge you for each individual piece that you have to buy). It is true that a cabinet made of particle or press board should hold up just fine, but it will only take a little moisture to affect the structural integrity of the cabinet. While this may look aesthetically pleasing, it affects the integrity of the cabinet Terminal Board and could result in sagging or cabinet malfunction. Most of the best deals available to consumers now are on the internet, because they don't have the high overhead of the brick and mortar stores. It is best to shop your around to find out what is available, at both the local store and most importantly here on the internet. If the vast selection of styles wasn't overwhelming enough, the multitude of pricing structures is sure to confuse even the saviest buyer.


Not only did I find plenty of message

Soon, I realized that not only was I becoming a more educated xafsing guru, I was introducing my new business to many new friends (and customers). I initially visited message boards to get help with my xafsing dilemma. Like many others, I found the task of xafsing my business overwhelming and frustrating. While these methods can produce positive results, they lack the personal connection many new business owners need to build a true customer base. (Note: Some message board groups will allow you to post without being a member, but membership increases your credibility). Without xafsing, you don't make sales, and without sales, you can't profitably run your business. Follow these simple steps to begin utilizing message boards to xafs your home business today: 1) Visit a search engine and do a search on message boards.
 Message boards are an efficient and effective way to reach a targeted xafs with direct contact, and, best of all, they are free. 4) Post information about your business. Remember to give specific instructions about how to reach you including email address, Web URL, etc. As you will soon see, these message boards are quite powerful as there are thousands of subscribers who receive posts from message board groups in their email boxes each day. Start joining message board groups now and take your home business to new heights! Written By: Leslie McGuirk . In the process, I realized this was not only a place to exchange valuable information with other home business owners, but this was also a great place to xafs my own online business.
 Not only did I find plenty of message board group members willing to give information, I found many interested parties for my own business. By joining message board groups, not only will you find a new outlet to advertise your business, but you will also build credibility among your peers.I began the journey of owning a home based business several months ago. So where did this lead this flailing entrepreneur? Message boards. After spending countless hours on the computer and throwing many dollars down the drain, I learned one very important thing: You must combine mass xafsing with a personal touch. 2) Click through to the message boards and search for forums related to work from home and/or your specific type of business. On the other hand, personal touch methods such as Centrifugal swiches of dispart horsepower emailing your family and friends about your new business can be a great way to start spreading the word, but this approach may not help you reach enough people to give your business the jump start it really needs. There are many great xafsing tools you can use to achieve mass xafsing including pay per click engines, placing ads, buying leads, banner advertising, and exchanging links just to name a few. 3) Join a few message board groups.


I hope that you can visual the board

Of course I did not have an immediate enlightenment on the concepts that the game is trying to teach! Neither do I claim that I have understood all the concepts. But before I go about describing what I have learned, it is important that you have a general idea of the game. In the board game, the rat race track is very short circular track. He may lose his job thus no income for a few months. Saving is very important! But saving alone will not get me out of the rat race. Thus, both issues were easily solved. I managed to play for a few times. Thus, it is important to manage my cash flow carefully in real life. This gave me a glimpse of what my future would be liked in the next 10 years if I remained in the rat race track. Also, I managed to find a few friends who had read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. . The first track is where everyone starts playing. Once he has attained that, he will try to buy his dream or accumulate an additional $50,000 monthly cash flow to win the game. * DISCLAIMER * The author, publisher and distributors particularly disclaim any liability, loss, or risk taken by individuals who directly or indirectly act on the information contained herein.
And I had really learned a lot from just playing the game. Luckily for me, one of my friends had the board game. I really loved playing the game. It is known as the rat race track. Cashflow 101 is a board game designed by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. That is just an introduction based on my personal experience of playing the game. In the rat race track, the player may be required to spend for vacation. They were also very keen in playing the game. In summary, the game gives the players the chance to experience real life situations even before they have happened. He may also encounter a situation where he does not have the cash to invest in a Terminal Board golden opportunity. It is like giving them a glimpse of the future of what may happen if they stay in the rat race. Secondly, if I did not invest in things that generate me passive income, I would take a very long time to clear my mortgage and debts by just saving. If each complete cycle were to represent a year, then time really flies fast on the board game. All readers must accept full responsibility for their use of this material. He will face financial worry or difficulties like in real life situations. He may also have another child that causes his expenditure to go up. It also provides the players a glimpse of an alternative bright future if they get out of the rat race. Secondly, I needed to find a group of people who were willing to play the game together.
To start the game, each player has a score sheet to track his passive income and expenses. Also, the player will encounter opportunity to invest in shares, real estates, businesses and so on. In the board game, I had a golden chance to invest on something that really gave good returns. Lastly, I realized that it is important to save so that I could invest when a golden opportunity came knocking on my door. But I did not have enough saving, thus I had gave it a miss. My monthly salary would not increase much annually. It is similar to keeping track of financial statements in real life. Basically, the player will encounter very real life liked situations that required decisions on investments. Now, let me shared with you what I had learned so far from playing the board game.
 I hope that you can visual the board game to a certain extent. It aims to teach the players the concepts of investing and building passive income. This is provided that they learned about cash flow, expenses, investment and building passive income. Firstly, I needed to have a copy of the board game. In order to get out of the rat race to the second track that is known as the fast track, the player has to learn to invest until his passive income surpasses his expenses. This may help you to understand what I have learned so far from playing the game. To play the game, I faced two issues. And it would be like that for the rest of the years to come.When I first heard about Cashflow 101, I was very excited and wanted really to play the board game. Firstly, if I were in the rat race track, I would be just waiting for paycheck after paycheck. If I want to get out of rat race in real life, then I have to learn to invest and build passive income. Thirdly, I realized that if I was too greedy in the game and over invested beyond my financial means, I could easily go broke due to unexpected expenses or lost of job. There are 2 tracks in the game.


Are you wondering how tossing beanbags

One point is scored for bags resting on the board. Having roots in Cincinnati and a huge following in cities like Chicago, Midwesterners are probably not unfamiliar with the game. Players get 4 bags each. Bags have to withstand a lot of use, so sturdy materials need to be used. Just be sure to use heavy duty material like duck cloth so your game isnt interrupted by a corn bag blowout. They toss the bags to the board, trying to get it into the cornhole. If youve not heard of Cornhole specifically, you might know the game as Baggo, Bags, or Corn Toss. You can purchase Cornhole boards and bags already made, or if you can use some very simple tools, you can make your own boards. The boards are usually 2 x 4 and are set up several yards from where players toss the bags. Now our conversations come in word limited chunks over our phones and computers instead of us holding an actual conversation over the phone or better yet, the dinner table.
Are you wondering how tossing beanbags can be so fun? Let us tell you, weve heard over and over how a new Cornhole aficionado was skeptical at first, but quickly hooked to the point of buying or making boards for themselves and their family members who also had yet to be introduced to the game. Give it a try. Hailed as social media and technological advances, one can argue that these gizmos, gadgets and websites actually make us far less social. Each game stops at 21 points. So, its a relatively quick game that makes it easy to keep the whole family involved, even if you only have one game board. Do you long for your family to do something together as a family again? Do you want to spend time with them, laughing and talking about their school, their friends, their dreams? Would you love to see the kids outdoors with you, enjoying the fresh air and having fun?
 If youre from the Midwest, chances are youve heard of Cornhole, have played it, have gotten hooked on it, and probably have a set at home. If youre still wondering about this odd named game, prepare to be sucked into its web of fun. They might even come join you in Centrifugal swiches of big horsepower the fun. In its simple form, Cornhole is just tossing beanbags at a hole cut into a board. . Neighbors might wonder what youre all doing outside after midnight. Besides getting your family together, you might even make better friends with neighbors or your kids friends. Bags that drop into the hole by any means count for 3 points.Ipods, video games, texting, tweeting, Facebook. Youll catch the fever, too. A lot of Cornholers, though, play with 2 or more boards for quicker games or for more people. They need to be able to withstand folding, tossing, landing, sliding and landing on wet or rough ground. Now that we get to introduce you to the game of Cornhole, youll be hooked.

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